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Trial Sabah STPM 2010

UPDATE 20/11/2010: Thanks firdaus rizwan who send in the Pengajian Am Paper. Check updated download link below. Here are some Trial Sabah STPM 2010 which hope can help you! Thanks siti fatmarini who send this in! ( i get this papers for quite some time, sorry for putting it up so late 馃檨 Im busy… […]

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Melaka STPM Trial Papers 2008

This papers are submit by my readers by sending it to me via snail mail. x100 thanks to him! Only science stream papers i have, with answer! Download Links Biology Chemistry Maths T/S Paper 1 Maths T Paper 2 Pengajian Am Physics If you want Arts stream question, dont you know that i had updated […]

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Kedah Trial STPM 2008

Here is the Kedah Trial STPM 2008. Mostly arts stream subject only. since i have no time to do the linking, i put all links in a txt file and then you all enjoy yourself. Pengajian AM included. At this very last time i also dont have time to update much, i will just throw […]

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