Melaka STPM Trial Papers 2008

This papers are submit by my readers by sending it to me via snail mail. x100 thanks to him!

Only science stream papers i have, with answer!

Download Links

Maths T/S Paper 1
Maths T Paper 2
Pengajian Am

If you want Arts stream question, dont you know that i had updated the Johor Post with Arts Stream Papers? View it NOW!



26 responses to “Melaka STPM Trial Papers 2008”

  1. josh i’m having troble i don’t know how to open those files

    1. WinRAR… please google and download it yourself

      1. already downloaded but can’t open the file..

  2. i find it difficult to download the malacca stpm papers. but your site is most helpful to every students and teachers,. keep up with the good work. cEver consider helping A level students!!!

    1. difficulties???
      OMG! I had do it the simplest way…
      i hope you can find the solution yourself.
      make sure you got the WinRAR Installed in your computer

  3. hey…why it is so difficult to register into here? i’ve never get d verification mail long does it take to approve it?

    1. write an email to me then i will do it for you!

  4. can u sent 2 me other state of trial paper, expecially PERNIAGAAn 1..i only can find pahang 1 from your web u have other 1..sent 4 me..if have skema oso can..

    1. more STPM pp papers will be coming soon

  5. STPMdesperateStudent Avatar

    i downloaded the file… but unable to comp hv winrar files..

    it only show…Scan TIF files…Zzz

    hope u fix it.. ty… ty… ty…

    1. no fix…
      it is all image. view using image viewer. windows should have one!

  6. stpm candidate Avatar
    stpm candidate

    there is an error for ur malacca files..
    but i donno wat’s de matter, it jz forbids us to download de files..
    hope that u can fix soon..thx

  7. Rebecca91 Avatar

    i dunno how to open all the files.What happened?

  8. warrior88 Avatar

    I just clicked on the links for Malacca papers but it took me to an error page! What did I go wrong, Joshua? Thanks

  9. me also face same probelm with other viewer…how to open all the files???can u tell me…i already have winRar but stil cant open…zzz

  10. i also have winrar but still cannot said error 404 has occur…if u could pls convert to pdf file.thanks

  11. haLOoo…i am from pahang also…can we chat in msn?…hope to exchange exam papers with u ! ^^ please reply me ya! thanks very much! ^^

  12. mint8811 Avatar

    can’t download tat profile…

  13. princess Avatar

    i got trouble on how 2 dl all these qtion..
    can anybody teach me how??
    n can i have econ qtion??

  14. help me pls!!!i couldn’t find melaka stpm trial exam biology paper in mediafire!!and i couldn’t download by using WinRaR yet i already download WinRaR into my computer..joshuatly or anybody concerned,can you pls e-mail the melaka stpm trial exam biology papers to me…my e-mail address is a lot!!!

  15. when i press dwload,it just cm out error 404??
    can i noe wat happen?

  16. before tis ,i din hv pdf ..then i go to dowmload pdf ..
    now u change it wat the winrar??
    i cant download it..
    wuwuwu..y wan treat me like tat??

  17. i try to open ir URL but it say the page cant be found. What happen? hope u can fix it soon. thanks

    1. this is the post i didnt rewrite and repost… I think the mediafire link still working! Try it?

  18. did u hv MATH T 2009 past year questions?

    1. I will upload maths past year questions hopefully this weekends.

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