Sarawak Kuching Trial STPM 2008

Papers submitted by: q135790 via email! Thanks for the papers

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Maths T
Pengajian Am


  • peter

    i have problem with pa paper. after download some page missing… help me

    • the problem should fixed by now…
      If it still happened, please inform me!

    • calvin

      cant open leh ….!!!!!!can end to me ??

    • justina

      cant open the trial paper…can you email to me?can i have the trial question for account,PA,ekonomi and maths?do you have past year question?

  • stpm student 08

    sorrry… x open.. the file.. mind to use norm adobe acrobat pls.. ty

  • princeizzat

    hi everyone…
    first of all many thx to joshuatly for this blog…
    very very useful…
    i have a request here..
    do this blog provides pengajian peniagaan,seni visual and geografi papers?..
    if someone willing to share it would be greatful…
    god bless you all…

    • trying damn hard to get for you all…


    can u send me de PA trial paper from kedah? 10q!

  • vanie

    hi!i’ve download the trial papers……..but x open……its required pdf password….

    • shouldnt be. at least you want to edit it!
      you can read and print it without problem!

  • judy

    i already dw it .. but y cant see??

  • suez

    trial stpm pengajian am 1

  • LSC

    Surprise to see my papers uploaded here. I wonder which student of mine email it to you. For the Maths paper, there is mistake in Paper 2.

    • your paper? xD
      Anyway, do i need to credit you in any form or what? I get from a confidential source. Sorry cant let you know who give it to me!

  • LSC

    Nay.. You dun have to do so. Btw, the papers are compiled by a few teachers around Kuching and not totally my work. Just for those interested in the papers, there are a few mistakes in it. Happy trying!

    • OK.
      my pahang STPM papers also full with errors… they should be able to figure it out with the help from teachers!

  • huizhu

    y no account trial paper…..???

  • CYY

    hey anyone wants to exchange trial papers..i’m from st michael ipoh

  • Thivya

    Joshua, would you mind to post STPM Trial papers from all the states. You are doing a great service to mankind.Thanks alot.

  • Zhenli

    do u have physics?

  • eddie

    Did anyone hav all the Selangor Trial Exam papar??
    I heard my teacher say Selangor 1 is more accurate..but i think we can guess the some SPM question by looking through all the state Trial Exam paper then note down which question hav usually present in every state Trial Exam paper..all of u think am i right??
    Im from SARAWAK.

  • Tay

    can i ask for the skema jawapan for all the subject published here?thx a lot ya…

  • cynz_jt

    do you have any trial for matriculation final exam semester 1 from any college? thanxs

  • girl

    math paper is damaged lo… cant download

    • nope.
      please check your software version.
      read faq

  • SWH

    Can u summit answer together too?thx

  • Eov

    Can i get the accounts STPM trial papers from other states?? With the answer as well.Need it ASAP. Thanks. =)

  • xiaolei

    can i have question of paper pengajian perniagaan stpm, ekonomi asas spm & perdagangan spm from all the state together with answer scheme?

  • huiling

    can i have question of paper pengajian perniagaan STPM,ekonomi STPM ,BAHASA MELAYU STPM from all the state together with the answer scheme?

  • girl

    har??? bt i sure cant download ler….

  • peace

    can you prepare an analysis of questions in term of chapter for bilogy paper3?

  • skynet

    sesape yg ada soalan2 trial stpm 2008 dan skemanya skali bagi semua negeri?

  • kris

    can i hav trial stpm papers for subject BM,Sejarah,Pengajian Perniagaan from all the state….urgent…pls

  • latifah

    hi..please post me all the states trial papers.collecting themfor my school revision..thanks a lot..

  • anny

    i cant open the file. could you plz emel me stpm trial paper of sarawak, perak and melaka?

  • kaze

    How to download?I cant see any link at all

  • Shoey

    hi, this is my first time to come here.
    and y i couldn download the paper.
    or can u send it for me?

    • nope.i currently not in home and i dont have time to repair those download links.

  • ls

    Hi everybody,

    I also cant download the paper.
    Anybody please send it to me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please email to :

  • onion

    cant see where to download the direct link

    thnx yah!

  • justina

    i cant open the trial question….can u email all to me?i wan accounts,ekonomi,maths and PA?do you have past year question?

    • kindly ask mr google for software: Adobe Reader!

  • Ivyn

    i cant open the trial question….can u email all to me?i wan P.PERNIAGAAN,ekonomi,PA,and bm? ucan u gv me PP’s note?

  • tai

    can’t open the files?? can u e-mail to me?? thanks

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