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  • Soalan Percubaan Pahang STPM 2011 | Trial Pahang STPM 2011

    *Im sorry, I put the download link wrong, I just checked my server log and noticed all the error. I’ve fixed them. Please redownload it.* UPDATE 07/10/2011: Complete set added. UPDATE 25/09/2011: Added more papers Pahang Trial STPM 2011, thanks Roslan for sending this in. Last year’s Pahang STPM papers are sent in by him…

  • Trial Pahang STPM 2010

    Trial Pahang STPM 2010/ Percubaan Pahang STPM 2010 Anything to share, email it to me Download Links Bahasa Malaysia Biology Chemistry Ekonomi Geografi Maths S Paper 1 Maths T Pengajian Am Pengajian Perniagaan Perakaunan Physics Seni Visual Sejarah joshuatly2010

  • Trial Selangor STPM 2011

    UPDATE 25/10/2011:Added PP Paper UPDATE 15/10/2011:Added Ekonomi & Perakaunan Papers UPDATE 02/10/2011: Added B.M papers 2 set & Pengajian Am UPDATE 01/10/2011: Thanks Kings Lee send in more papers in! If you have any SPM & STPM Trial Papers, send them to TQ Download Links Gerak Gempur Bahasa Malaysia Set 1 Gerak Gempur Bahasa…

  • Trial Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010

    UPDATE 18.10.10: More papers added. Refer source for link to original papers. UPDATE 10.10.10: There is an error in NS STPM Trial 2010 Maths T Paper 2 Wrong answers for P2: Q8 and Q12. Corrected marking scheme attached Here is the papers i got for Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010. Thanks mhua seow for submitting the…

  • Trial Terengganu STPM 2010

    UPDATE 13.10.2010: Update with more papers. Check it out. Thanks to Pey Sien for sending it in. Its a forward mail, original mail sender name not available. Trial Terengganu STPM 2010 Percubaan Terengganu STPM 2010 Download links after the break Download Links Biology [w/ans] Chemistry [w/ans] Maths T [w/ans] Maths TS Paper 1 [w/ans] Pengajian…

  • Trial SMJK Chung Hwa STPM 2010

    Percubaan STPM 2010 from SMJK Chung Hwa, KELANTAN. Download Links Pengajian Am Maths TS Paper 1 Maths S Geografi Ekonomi joshuatly2010

  • Trial SMK St Joseph Kuching STPM 2010

    Trial SMK St Joseph Kuching STPM 2010 Thanks firdaus rizwan who send this in 🙂 Hope these papers will benefit you guys Download Links Maths T Maths TS Paper 1 Pengajian Am joshuatly2010

  • Trial SMJK Katholik PJ STPM 2010

    Trial SMJK Katholik PJ STPM 2010 Thanks the person who send this in who send this set of papers in (two times actually, how sweet, thanks for the reminder btw.) Download Links Biology Chemistry Maths T Maths T/S Paper 1 Pengajian Am Physics joshuatly2010

  • Trial Perak STPM 2010

    UPDATE 18/10/2010: Added MORE papers! UPDATE 15/10/2010: Added Perakaunan Paper w/ans (well, i forgot to watermark these papers, anyway, you know where it is from, source link below) Thanks Ong Su Teck who send the Geografi Skema papers in. You can too contribute and share your papers/materials via email to me @ Download Links Chemistry…

  • Trial Johor STPM 2010

    UPDATE 19/10/10: EVEN MORE papers uploaded 🙂 UPDATE 18/10/10: More papers uploaded. Check the links below. Source…. i cant remember 😛 Finally here are some STPM papers that i will post it up today. Percubaan STPM 2010 Johor I didnt get the full set of paper. I just upload what i found. Anyway, the source…