Trial Perak STPM 2010

UPDATE 18/10/2010: Added MORE papers!

UPDATE 15/10/2010: Added Perakaunan Paper w/ans (well, i forgot to watermark these papers, anyway, you know where it is from, source link below)

Thanks Ong Su Teck who send the Geografi Skema papers in.
You can too contribute and share your papers/materials via email to me @

Download Links

Maths T/S Paper 1

Source for akaun paper:
Source for chemistry and maths: Here


4 responses to “Trial Perak STPM 2010”

  1. do you all have sam tet’s biology trial paper 2010?i need it urgently…

  2. do you have any science paper? as well as pengajian am paper?

  3. i am still dun know where and how to download the trial stpm 2010 papers and together with answer oh (:>.<:)

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