Trial Johor STPM 2010

UPDATE 19/10/10: EVEN MORE papers uploaded πŸ™‚
UPDATE 18/10/10: More papers uploaded. Check the links below. Source…. i cant remember πŸ˜›

Finally here are some STPM papers that i will post it up today. Percubaan STPM 2010 Johor
I didnt get the full set of paper. I just upload what i found.
Anyway, the source is from a link that someone posted it in the chatbox.
Thanks a lot for that as we all know STPM papers are hard to find.

As usual, i recompile the file, make the file size smaller and a readable and printable pdf format.

Download Links

Biology Paper 1
Biology Paper 2 Section B
Chemistry (w/ans)
Chemistry Paper 1
Chemistry Paper 2
Ekonomi (w/ans)
Geografi (w/ans)
Maths T
Maths T (w/ans)
Maths T/S Paper 1
Perakaunan Kertas 2



19 responses to “Trial Johor STPM 2010”

  1. hi, joshua… i m from kuching and i m sitting for STPM this year… just want to thank u so much for posting up the trial papers from other states… u r d best…!

    1. Hi, Im super glad you like what im doing.
      Anyway, i hope more people will take the effort to scan their exam papers or ask their school for the soft copy, then email to me. So that more people can benefit from it.

  2. excuse me,
    what is the document open password for those pdf files?

    1. which file need a password? usu files doesnt need a passwod to open. Download latest adobe reader.

      1. problem solved.

  3. thank you very much for you contribution in helping us ( STPM students) by posting these Trial papers ^.^

    greetings from Kedah ^.^

  4. hi, thanks a lot for uploading those trial papers. It really make more easier for us. Might ask did u have the answer for the PA paper 1?

    1. i already uploaded everything i get at the moment. no more, no less. but you can watch the space and see if the post get updated with what you want πŸ™‚

  5. Can help to find physics and chemistry…..thx a lot

  6. I got some papers to share:

    Please credit me, thanks πŸ™‚

  7. may i know where to get the answer for the papers

  8. Hello,

    Does anyone from can share their Biology Paper 2 marking scheme?? Mind uploading it? =)
    Thx in advance

  9. hello.can i have the marking scheme for biology paper 2(section B) πŸ™‚

  10. Hi joshua, do you have trial paper for sains sukan STPM?

  11. Hi joshua, do you have trial paper for sains sukan STPM?

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