Trial Klang STPM 2010

Trial Klang STPM 2010

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Maths T
Perakaunan Kertas 1

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7 responses to “Trial Klang STPM 2010”

  1. Hi..
    Will you post the paper Pengajian Perniagaan?? I really need it, as my result of this subject seems poor… If you have the paper from klang.. please have a post.. Appreciated.. thnkas

  2. Kho Ai Peng Avatar
    Kho Ai Peng

    would you mind share subject pengajian perniagaan k1 & 2 wilayah persekutuan , Perlis and Kelantan wt me? Thank you

  3. salam.kenapa saya download xboleh nk save dalam pendrive..saya xmahu print after download kerna saya mahu save dlm pendrive jer spya saya seng bgi kpada kengkwan yng lain.hope u’ll help me..bnyak paper yng sya mhu xblh nk save dlm pendrive reruss.thanzz~

  4. can u have trial paper stpm from kuala lumpur?

  5. the answer for math T paper 2 is not relevant at all….can you pls check…thx

    1. ya, thanks for pointing that out. my bad.

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