Trial Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010

UPDATE 18.10.10: More papers added. Refer source for link to original papers.
UPDATE 10.10.10: There is an error in NS STPM Trial 2010 Maths T Paper 2
Wrong answers for P2: Q8 and Q12. Corrected marking scheme attached

Here is the papers i got for Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010.

Thanks mhua seow for submitting the Maths T Papers for me via email.
If you have anything to share, do email to

Download Links

Maths TS Paper 1 (w/ans)
Maths T Paper 2 (w/ans)
Correction Maths T Paper 2 Answer
Biology [w/ans]
Chemistry [w/ans]
Physics [w/ans]
Pengajian Am [w/ans]



13 responses to “Trial Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010”

    1. Thanks, i will check and upload it by today!

  1. Sorry but its that all??

    1. Watch the space if there is any updates.

  2. Thank you for doing this by the way…LOVE U 99

  3. dididean Avatar

    mencari soalan percubaan stpm geografi melaka dan negeri sembilan kertas 1 dan 2

  4. cannot find pa 1 n 2 (Q n A)negeri sembilan, perak, sabah, melaka, sarawak.can u just e-mail for me..thanks


    ^here’s a complete set I compiled. Hope this helps =]
    Some taken from here. hehe.
    Credits pls.

    1. did that 😀
      Thanks a lot!

  6. Pls upload ERT SPM trial papers other states.Thank you.

  7. Note that the answer for paper 2 section B,question 9,question b(ii) is only but-2-ene.According to Saytzeff rule,in an elimination reaction,it will take H with the C atom with less H atoms.Correct me if I’m wrong.Thanks!

  8. Noraisyah saiful Avatar
    Noraisyah saiful

    napa x da trial 2010 pengajian perniagaan….n skali dgn skema jwpn….

    1. Sorry, i already posted everything i have on here.

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