Trial Kelantan SPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Added Biology Paper (Thx Ming Sheng)
UPDATE 15/10/2011: Added B.Melayu, English & Geografi Papers
UPDATE 13&14/10/2011:Added B.Cina paper, Sejarah & ICT Papers
UPDATE 05/10/2011:Added chemistry and physics

Thanks T Rohaizat T La for sending it to me. Sorry for the delay of publishing the set of papers.

Download Links

Add Maths
Bahasa Cina
Bahasa Melayu
Ekonomi Asas
Prinsip Perakaunan
Sejarah Paper 2

Source: Lee Ming Sheng – b.c paper



12 responses to “Trial Kelantan SPM 2011”

  1. ang aegean Avatar
    ang aegean

    hope that can get a moral paper, tqvm 🙂

  2. trial kelantan SPM 2011..yang diupload adalah paper PMR..mohon upload SPM ye

  3. How about the English 1119 paper? May we get it?

  4. Muhamad Ikhwan Avatar
    Muhamad Ikhwan

    MATH paper 2 SPM Kelantan —> file yg diupload adalah MATH paper 2 PMR. bukan SPM. 

  5. Noradleen Fariha Avatar
    Noradleen Fariha

    Can you post Pendidikan Islam, Kelantan paper?

  6. i wn kelantan bio paper n ans…..

  7. jesswin99 Avatar

    why don’t have biology paper ???

  8. how bout biology???

  9. soalan percubaan math spm negeri kelantan tiada ke????

  10. wer science paper??

  11. please me need spm science 2011 paper.

  12. i wan science trail paper..

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