Trial Terengganu STPM 2010

UPDATE 13.10.2010: Update with more papers. Check it out. Thanks to Pey Sien for sending it in. Its a forward mail, original mail sender name not available.

Trial Terengganu STPM 2010
Percubaan Terengganu STPM 2010

Download links after the break

Download Links

Biology [w/ans]
Chemistry [w/ans]
Maths T [w/ans]
Maths TS Paper 1 [w/ans]
Pengajian Am [w/ans]
Physics [w/ans]



22 responses to “Trial Terengganu STPM 2010”

  1. tis friday if i free i will try 2 scan trg exam paper!!!

  2. skema pa2 tganu kalau ada lg cantik

  3. wan nooraini Avatar
    wan nooraini

    kalau ada soalan percubaan makro ekonomi 2010 negeri terengganu

  4. pls send economic paper from other state, thank you so much

  5. klu ada soalan trial ekonomi,pjian pniagaan,pjian am n akaun tlg send kat emel sy ea.soalan akaun susah nk cari.

  6. bro ada x soalan sejarah ketas 1 n 2….

  7. other question from the other subject especialy science stream subject

  8. kalau ada soalan sejarah 1,2,pngajian prniagaan 1,2, geografi 1,2 tlg send kat emeil sya..klau blh secpat yg mgkin..

    1. Well, i hope i will get it and if i do get it, i will post it here. Sorry i dont email papers to you. If you want, subscribe to my feedburner, it will get you noticed everyday with new posts.

  9. can u send terengganu trial pengajian perniagaan,ekonomi and bahasa melayu…

  10. hey there,
    i am able to download the papers from your links. however, i am no able to read the downloaded files. please advise on what had happened.

    1. please download latest version of adobe reader

  11. jia ying Avatar
    jia ying

    can upload ekonomi paper??
    or send 2 my mail

  12. stevency Avatar

    in need of pengajian am paper 2 skema…do u have…if have pls send to my email…thanks a lot

  13. ad x skema jwpn bm2????

  14. do u have pa1 terengganu skema?

  15. can u send the Ekonomi question n skema 4 me?? thanks a lot~

  16. nak soalan trial ekonomi. .
    both of them and skema skali. .

  17. skema exam trial ngri melaka 2011 xde ke

  18. sabbyrina Avatar

     i want the answer for the pengajian paper please…

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