Kedah Trial STPM 2008

Here is the Kedah Trial STPM 2008.

Mostly arts stream subject only.
since i have no time to do the linking, i put all links in a txt file and then you all enjoy yourself.
Pengajian AM included.

At this very last time i also dont have time to update much, i will just throw up anything or everything i have here.

So wish all of you have a happy deepavali and happy holiday!

Download Links

B.Malaysia Kertas 1
B.Malaysia Skema Jawapan
Ekonomi Kertas 1
Ekonomi Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
Ekonomi Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
P.Perniagaan Kertas 1
P.Perniagaan Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
P.Perniagaan Kertas 2
P.Perniagaan Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
Pengajian Am Kertas 1
Pengajian Am Kertas 2
Pengajian Am Skema Jawapan
Sejarah Kertas 1
Sejarah Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
Sejarah Jawapan Kertas 2

p/s: I’ve made a mistake on the permalink of the download links, it should be STPM instead of SPM, but the content of the page, and the file is perfectly fine 😛


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