Kedah Trial STPM 2008

Here is the Kedah Trial STPM 2008.

Mostly arts stream subject only.
since i have no time to do the linking, i put all links in a txt file and then you all enjoy yourself.
Pengajian AM included.

At this very last time i also dont have time to update much, i will just throw up anything or everything i have here.

So wish all of you have a happy deepavali and happy holiday!

Download Links

B.Malaysia Kertas 1
B.Malaysia Skema Jawapan
Ekonomi Kertas 1
Ekonomi Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
Ekonomi Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
P.Perniagaan Kertas 1
P.Perniagaan Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
P.Perniagaan Kertas 2
P.Perniagaan Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
Pengajian Am Kertas 1
Pengajian Am Kertas 2
Pengajian Am Skema Jawapan
Sejarah Kertas 1
Sejarah Kertas 1 Skema Jawapan
Sejarah Jawapan Kertas 2

p/s: I’ve made a mistake on the permalink of the download links, it should be STPM instead of SPM, but the content of the page, and the file is perfectly fine 😛


  • peter

    where is the link for download file

    Why there is the word



    I don’t see anything regarding the link leh….
    Thanks for what you had done…
    God Bless you….

  • BudakSTPMygLemah

    im sad.. coz unable to dwld the KEDAH Stpm papers….sobbing…

    • yeah so sad, the page are actually scheduled and those links are no more working now…
      fixing it…xD

  • Jason

    Hi Joshua,

    Just wondering, where is the LINK for the Kedah Trial STPM papers please? Thanks, and all the best to your STPM exams! May you score straight As in all the subjects you are taking.

  • jasveena

    y am i unable to download the kedah and melaka papers?

  • anny

    hi..why i cant download stpm melaka trial paper. i’m so upset..huhu..

  • kabil

    can you tell me how to download the papers include kedah , sarawak and mrsm

  • rozie

    hai!can u tell me how to download the trial papers stpm from kedah,melaka and johor

  • yoxi89

    zzzz. how to dl the trial exam paper@@? confusing with the dl. i read whole the FAQ still dont know how to dl.can u straight tell me here@@?sry maybe i noob~~ =.=”’

    • now read FAQ also no use already… too late you go and read the faq now… go and read the announcement will be more suitable! Hahahaha

  • karen

    Hey, why i can’t open all the link below?? It is still available?

  • ass

    asshole larh u… cannot download maa..!!!

  • yoxi

    zzzz.i read the anousment ledi.i know wat are going sad.i also come from a poor family.
    ok ba. gambateh for ur exam. i try find the exam paper from my fren.TQ

  • Halim

    Hai..ape habar sumer!sayer halim…hmmm leh kew nak berkenalan dalam handfone…hmmm!!call yerk (0194348962).

  • sandy

    eee ?? where to download all the trial exam papers ?

  • y cant download stpm trial papers?

  • how 2 download stpm trial papers?

  • jimmy Low

    How to download the trail exam stpm?

  • raji

    hw to gt stpm past year papers…

  • jepeir

    can i have 2005 – 2007 Pengajian Am question

  • ‘RAJA

    10X BRO

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