STPM Maths Paper 1 Past Year Question

Well, i had collected all STPM Past Year Question for Maths Paper 1 from year 1999 to 2007!
You will be able to download the whole set here!
packed into pdf file, 2.6mb

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STPM Maths TS Paper 1 Past Year Question 1999 – 2007


  • dxchen

    thx for sharing…but i’m finding stpm pass year physic paper…could u send to my email?thank you

    • admin

      im also trying hard to find and compile it…

  • Veron

    HEY! THANKS FOR SHARING! It’s reali a great help for me as i’m very weak in maths.. Thanks A Lot!

  • do you have the answer as well??

    • admin

      i got another version got answer one. i think i got time i will scan and upload to you all!

      • Very sorry to tell you that i didnt send papers via email at this time.
        So you must wait for me to reupload it and repair the download links.


      • Activecat

        Pls remove my message above, because since my email address has been exposed to public and spammer, I am receiving many spam mails now. But I still like to receive updates from

  • LoveyLynn

    Hey there..
    I have difficulties answering the questions..
    Plz upload the answers..sobs
    Thanks alot!!!

    • admin

      ya, it will be available… but later.
      cos i have no time and scan!

  • Aysel

    Do u hv the past year question for math 2 ??

    • admin

      later… Im still collecting it!

      • sam

        can i get paper 2 for math’s T 2


    hats-off for u!!!_JOSHUA_ U took d trou8ble to upload all the stpm stuffs,,It’s rely useful for me!I’ll definitely collaborate with u with ma state papers!Hv GRT8 day ahead

  • may

    thank for sharing…appreciate it..

  • freedom

    where is the answer of past year quetion

    • no answer! Dont ask for it. i have no time to post it up yet!

  • rishi

    where is the answer for STPM Maths Paper 1 Past Year Question (5060

  • zuby

    thanks for the ques !!

  • SOrry… but I can seem to download the questions? Why? how do I go about it?

  • princess pc

    sorry…where can i actually download the questions?

  • jonbryan80

    thanks a lot for sharing this

    • tauru90

      can i get ur num,plez..

      • heaven

        u leave ur num here… i wil contact u soon, ok?

  • alex

    I really need the mt1 answers…plz email to me…thanks a lot

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  • leon

    i wish i could have the answer

  • ziyou

    i dun knw how to download
    ..can u teach me?

  • Chong

    May i hv past year STPM math question…
    I try download but fail… If can, pls email to my email…

  • thxx for sharing .. but do you have the answer ?

  • dont ask me for answer….
    ask your teacher instead…

  • Beng

    Hi, Can u upload again?? Coz this is limited download. only can download 10 times, so can u upload again with ans?? I appreciate a lot..


  • guy

    hihi, is me again
    u got the math S paper 1 only a?
    other subj like econ paper 1&2, Pengajian Am Paper 1&2, math S paper 2, u got o not?

    • dont have.
      DO NOT request papers. Provide me instead!

      • paper 1 june 2008

        please send me the june question paper 1 and its memorundum

        • heaven

          june question paper 1???
          i do not hv leh… i oso get frm u… but i wil try my best to help each other la. coz we facing same thing… “STPM”..

  • tauru90

    i’m taking stpm this year..i hope to get colourful result..but all subject really hard to score include can you be my friend and help me to score all subject..~To avoid unnecesarry spamming, phone number is removed~

    • heaven

      sry for late reply… coz i juz bac frm camp
      i’m taking STPM tis year oso.. u have been mention tat get excellent result rite? tis is my hope oso…, so we r helping each other…
      hope our wish cum true..

  • maths only need a lot and a lot of exercise! And of cos u need to understand what u r doing also.
    All the best!

  • i dont think i have it.

  • qiya

    thx…known u’ve been worked such hard fur the collection…
    thx a lot…
    i think i’ll try to work out the ans with my friends…
    (damn assignment)

  • Christina

    thx oh…but i wan the mathematics for paper 2 which is Mathematics Tambahan…if u got please reply me imediately…thank you..^^

  • heaven

    STPM got Additional Mathematics meh??
    i dun noe about it. i juz know tat got Math T and Math S..
    Can u reply me throught email.. coz i lazy 2 open tis web 2 reply u… sry for any convenience…leave ur email here or add me in msn la if u dun mind…

  • tan

    please upload the answer for it…thanks a lot

  • Chen

    Mr joshua..could u kindly upload the answer asap…pls..if u realli got time pls do so..pls help us…maths is kinda hard for me…no tuition n teacher dun teach well in skul..needa do as much of stpm question..tq joshua


      • can u tell dat politely, they are juz students.
        If no, juz say no or don’t reply.

        • you must understand that im human, not a computer nor God
          I also will marah. Imagine everyday whole bunch of people asking u the same question over and over again! OK i promise i will be polite whenever i face this kind of question!

  • speakforperak

    By the way, ure doing a gud job here, congrats and keep on with the good work.

  • speakforperak

    By the way, youre doing a gud job here, congrats and keep on with the good work.

  • SuLin

    Hey, I was wondering whether do you have a copy of just the 2007 STPM Maths questions? Meaning the actual 2007 paper?

  • siah

    can i hv past year maths skema answer?

    • iczephyr

      Could u please read the
      Comment by tan on August 2, 2009 @ 3:17 pm
      just a few comments up.
      can u not trouble him anymore…he’s workin’ hard as it is

  • tinushenaa

    can i get some tips on approximation of mathematic t that coming out for this 2009?espcially paper

    • tinushenaa

      can i get it by today?i mean the tips… soo desperate……………………………………………………………..i need to get in my maths if not im going to die in my father’s

  • Janice

    Hey, thanks for sharing.
    Do you have the collection of paper2, maths T?

  • Vidya

    I feel that itis very good.

  • abdulwaris

    Please release past year question and answers for mathematic T Paper 1, tq.

  • eric

    i ned the STPM MATHEMATICS T PAST YEAR ANSWERS….can u upload?

  • ABI


  • Jc

    where can i get past year question answer?

  • helpless

    thankssssssss,,,,,, anway i am entering upper six this year………so, do u think trial papers 2010 will be usefull for me…….. kindly hoping for reply,

  • dark

    Did you have paper 2 as well??

  • puddingking

     thank you

  • Anonymous

    how to get the answer??

  • Dear sir,

    Thanks for your sorting of questions for STPM Maths
    Paper 1, which had made things to be easier, but will you mind if you
    upload the answer key and solution for those questions?

    Yours co-operation is highly appreciated.


  • Dear sir,

    Thanks for your sorting of questions for STPM Maths
    Paper 1, which had made things to be easier, but will you mind if you
    upload the answer key and solution for those questions?

    Yours co-operation is highly appreciated.


  • cn i hv maths t papers answer as well?

  • katrina

    Is there answers for the past year math stpm

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