Trial Johor STPM 2012 | Percubaan Johor STPM 2012

[box type=”note”]UPDATE 4/11/2012: Updated Ekonomi & Maths T Paper 2[/box]
UPDATE 23/10/2012: Updated Physics
UPDATE 18/10/2012: Updated Chemistry, P.Am & Biology

Trial Johor STPM 2012 | Percubaan Johor STPM 2012

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Maths T/S Paper 1
Pengajian Am
Maths T Paper 2



10 responses to “Trial Johor STPM 2012 | Percubaan Johor STPM 2012”

  1. passerby Avatar

    Hey, are you uploading any more STPM state papers other than these?

  2. why the pengajian am pdf for pg 17 onwards i cant c and always show ” insuffient data for image” ?

    1. Hmm let me check later. Are you viewing using Adobe Reader? Can try viewing on chrome

      1. ya~ and i am using google chrome to download it. for melaka pengajian am paper aso hav the same problem…

  3. sorry.. you mind uploading trial papers for stpm modulus students? I couldn’t find it anywhere =(

  4. sorry can i ask do you have any papers on PA or other subjects for STPM ( new modular system kind)

  5. chengsw93 Avatar

    any marking skeme for chemistry?

  6. h.leen93 Avatar

    hi do u hav econs paper..

  7. sorry that may i ask whether the answer is correct for pa paper 1?
    now i just do 5 question but wrong 4 questions,
    last time terengganu i only correct 19/45, i guess there are something wrong there.

    for the first question, i find the reference book, the answer should be B.
    do anyone hav the same problem like me?

  8. anyway ty for ur post.. sry i jus saw the answer sheet attached below.. ty =)

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