Percubaan STPM Baharu Pahang 2012 Penggal 1

Percubaan STPM Baharu Pahang 2012 Penggal 1
Trial NEW STPM Pahang 1st Term 2012

So far I’ve only manage to get ONE complete set of New STPM format trial, if you have more, please send them to

All the best to all Lower 6 exam students!
Upper 6 students can take this as an exercise too!

Download Links

Maths T
Maths S
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Perniagaan (PP)
Sains Sukan
Seni Visual



9 responses to “Percubaan STPM Baharu Pahang 2012 Penggal 1”

  1. thanks

  2. For physics, section C last question, last part, I think the value of degree of freedom, f should be 5 instead of 3 because oxygen is diatomic gas.(I think la)

  3. ezuanjoom Avatar

    urm ada p.perniagaan kh?

  4. why no chemistry section A answer?

  5. ada la untuk persiapan terakhir… Thanks.. 😉

  6. nadzrieya333 Avatar

    subjek EKONOMI tak ada kah? bixuk ptg jam 2 mula dah takkan tak ada plak. alahaiiiii

  7. hi, about the biology paper.

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