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Site News: Server migration and donation needed

UPDATE 11/10/2013: Updated with server migration progress, which is done, and donation target and advertising opportunity Hi, It has been a while since I write a site news post. Here is to update you with the status of the site. Server migration The site is getting very high traffic since last month, and I foresee […]

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Project Broken Links Restoration 2013

Hi All, Im working on restoring and updating all the download links in my old blog posts. Below are the plan and you can use it to track the restoration progress. Aim Update all download links to use the new download page format (example). New download page format can make use of the multiple download […]

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Ready for SPM/STPM 2012?

Are you all getting ready for SPM or STPM 2012? I hope you are. Over the coming months I will be posting tons of trial papers, exam exercise, tips & analysis, and also maybe some useful notes! I’m here ready to help you all by posting possibly everything I get and everything I can find […]

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New and coming soon in 2012

Just an update, starting now, I’m migrating all my files from mediafire to my own server, like what I did for last year. Lots of improvement coming soon, my annual link fixing is in progress. Updating all old broken links, and replacing them with files located on my servers, multiple mirror for redundancy purpose. If […]

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Giveaway Wave 2 Ended, Results are Here

If you havent know that the 2nd giveaway just ended, well, clearly you’ve missed out something. But if you taken part, you might really need to read this post since the result is posted here! For those who missed this giveaway, there WILL BE a giveaway wave 3, Im planning that 馃榾 Result 1. Xin […]

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If you saw my STPM Time Table post, you are aware of there are a slight problem in the STPM time table and causing science students (Bio + Chemistry students) will have a hard time or disadvantage. You can read the news post here Well, i got an email from one of the reader that […]

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