All The Best to ALL SPM & STPM Students

Well, the time has come! *Deng deng deng…* Its time for your REAL SPM & STPM exams.
To all of my readers, thank you for your support throughout the year
and I wish you, all the best to your exam.

I will say that, this is the most successful year of me doing this blog. For the past 6 years i haven’t have so much visitors, interactions with my readers, and so many support from my readers. I will want to thank every single one of you reading my blog, spreading the words, like posted comments and started conversations at the facebook page, sending in papers to share with all the readers, and donated to help to server cost for the past few months.

I do think that I’m doing quite a good job for this year, covering most of the things that you all need, except for some papers that i haven’t publish yet, and some of your request that i dont have the resources and time to fulfil them. I hope what i did is beneficial to you all. It is not an easy job for me, while I’m still doing my degree and to manage this blog and study at the same time, especially my last minute habit and assignment due date is within this few weeks too…

I will recap a bit of what i had did for this year (which is new and special) and as well as let you guys know what is coming soon for next year.

For this year (2011)…..
I host all the files by myself, and only uses free file hosting services like mediafire for mirroring and backup links. I believe this brought a better experience for the readers; managing the servers and learning new things about how to do so is really excited.
Total downloads from my own server had been more than 2 TB (2000 GB) till today, and still increasing day by day.
The same problem about hosting still existed, i moved back and forth from VPS to shared hosting etc… switched provider, and finally i think the solution now does serve me well.
I had done 2 giveaways, which is really exciting. Although i havent have time to have the 3rd one, but will try to do the same thing for next year and see.
For the first time, i’ve asked for donation, and surprisingly a numbers of people do donated to the site. The more surprising thing is, many of the “competitor” do donate to me too, thanks to Berry Berry Easy, MS Blog and BumiGemilang for supporting this site. Although it doesnt come close to the target amount, but I think it will be enough for the coming months. Hopefully when i get my Nuffnang and Google Adsense cheque will have enough for the expenses next year.
Traffic on the site almost get to 30,000 page views on October 5th. And average page views are at 15k-25k page views.

I’m pretty excited for my projects planned for next year (2012). Here are a s preview of them.
Oh yea, by the way, if you are free after your SPM/STPM exam, and want to earn some money from working at home, check this post out. Im hiring some people to help out on one of my projects.
One of my project is doing a facebook quiz system which encourage students to attend the quiz every day as an exercise and to compete with their friends.
And for 2012, will have more spm & stpm blogs coming out. I’ve bought the domains for them, havent start working on it yet. Will have more details soon. Hopefully those blogs/websites will help more students and teachers to get more information easily. (hint: see if you can know which domains that i’ve bought, you can figure those out if you dig deep enough, you’ll find them since the whois is not protected :P)
I will still continue posting spm & stpm trial papers here at this blog (or on my new blog), so if tell your juniors to come back to this site if they need any help.

OK Thats all, Thank you for reading for all these months.
If you think this blog had really helped you, please help spread the words, or if possible help donate to help on my expenses, or like my facebook page, or even post some testimonial in the comment below.

Do come back after exam to talk about your exam, your holiday plan, or your result!



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  1. Chin Chun Hoe Avatar
    Chin Chun Hoe

    Good luck for SPM! All the best, everyone FIRE!

  2. 윤리 적인 Avatar
    윤리 적인

    Good Luck%%

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