Trial Kedah STPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011:Added PA Paper 1
UPDATE 15/10/2011: Added Maths & Perakaunan papers
UPDATE 25/9/2011: Added Biology Paper

For other Trial STPM 2011 papers, visit this post a complete list of the posts.

Trial Kedah STPM 2011

All with answers unless stated otherwise

Download Links

Direct Download Links
B.Melayu Kertas 2
Ekonomi Kertas 1
Pengajian Am Kertas 2
Sejarah Kertas 1
——–UPDATE 15/10/2011——–
Maths T (w/ans)
Maths TS Paper 1 (w/ans)
Perakaunan (w/ans)
Pengajian Am Kertas 1
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12 responses to “Trial Kedah STPM 2011”

  1. voon_0804 Avatar

    hello…do u hv kedah makro trial paper and skema??? thanks a lot^^

  2. […] STPM 2011 Trial Selangor STPM 2011 Trial Wilayah Persekutuan STPM 2011 Trial Terengganu STPM 2011 Trial Kedah STPM 2011 Trial Pahang STPM 2011 Trial Johor STPM 2011 Trial Kinta Utara Perak STPM 2011 Trial Sabah STPM […]

  3. hay,, ada x soalan stpm geo?? dr mana2 ngri lain?? a/s fizikal & manusia??

  4. Ronaldo Kme Avatar
    Ronaldo Kme

    dun just focus on spm, stpm is more important compared to spm…

    1. Unfortunately, less people take STPM, and i have less source. If you have anything, please share with everyone.
      I assume this year will be tougher, since the system is changed, even me myself dont know what will happened this year. If you got any first hand information, do email it to me.
      admin (at)

      1. hs_clover Avatar

        but they started changing the system this year, which means stpm 2012 will hav the old system, right?

        1. Is it? Are you upper 6 students? do you take school based exam at the end of this year?

          1. hs_clover Avatar

            yea, i’m upper 6 student this year, i follow the old system. i think school based exam is for those in lower 6 this year.

          2. I see i see. I will see if i get any STPM papers i will post it here

          3. hs_clover Avatar


  5. Excuse me,do you have Ekonomi Kertas 2 for Trial Kedah 2011 ??

  6. mohon copy ya (Y)

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