Trial Johor STPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Added Bio Paper 2
UPDATE 25/10/2011:Added PP Paper
UPDATE 15/10/2011:Added Ekonomi, Maths,Biology papers
UPDATE (01/10/2011): Added Geografi Paper & Physics
UPDATE (20/9/2011): Added Chemistry paper (w/ ans)

Finally some STPM papers, and i will try to get as much as possible and post it here.

If you have any SPM or STPM Trial papers, notes or tips to share, please send them to (previously dont work, but i’ve fixed it now. If you had sent something to, please send it again to

Same as Trial Johor SPM 2011, had been sent in by salahuddin abdullah

Download Links

Direct Download Links
Pengajian Am (w/ans)
Chemistry Paper 1
Chemistry (w/ans)
Geografi (w/ans)
Physics Paper 1
Geografi Kerteras 1 (w/ans) version 2 (doc version, not scanned ver)
——–UPDATE 15/10/2011——-
Ekonomi (w/ans)
Biology Kertas 1 (w/ans)
Maths TS Paper 1
Maths T Paper 2
Biology Paper 2
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More will be added when i get them.


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