Yay, get 1st & 2nd donations & some updates

UPDATE: Thanks Malaysia Students Blog for donating RM30 to my site. Getting lots of love from niche bloggers that are blogging on the same topic. <3 them :D Oh ya, Malaysia Students Blog do cover lots of things not only about MUET, SPM & STPM but also about after SPM/STPM, especially tips when going to college or university that will be really useful to you all.

I just got my first donation from Berry Berry Easy. The site owner is kind enough to be the first one to donate, and i figure out i can use this opportunity to give him a plug for his site. Well, Berry Berry Easy is the site you go when you want to get notes, exam tips and many others useful information for SPM & STPM students.

On that note, please donate since it cost a lot of money to run this site.
I had written all my costs on the donation page.

And i will move hosting again, and there might be scheduled down time in sometime this weekend or next week. Will let you all know when everything is set. Now still trying to solve some problem. Haiz… cos of this server problem, make me cant sleep… zzzzz
By the way, after i move my site, there will be new theme too! So expect a fresh look of the site pretty soon. I dont want to make things complicated, cos i dont have much time.

And i get quite some Negeri Sembilan papers update by email, sorry cant post them tonight, i will work them out and get them posted as soon as possible.

Join facebook page now! (if you havent already)

Dont leave in the comment “why dont have *** subject” or “why don have *** answer scheme”. Those comments doesnt help. I already posted everything i got.
Post something helpful instead, like starting a conversation about that set of papers, or letting me know if there is a mistakes while compiling & uploading the papers (eg missing page, missing answers when i say the set are included w/ answers). Then maybe i will see i can try and fix those problems.

Thats all, for those who are having or going to have SPM Trial, all the best. And for those who already had their trial exam, tips is, do more exercise. Attempt as many set of questions (this year’s trial questions) as possible, since similar questions are likely to come out in the real exam.



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