Ready for SPM/STPM 2012?

Are you all getting ready for SPM or STPM 2012? I hope you are.
Over the coming months I will be posting tons of trial papers, exam exercise, tips & analysis, and also maybe some useful notes!

I’m here ready to help you all by posting possibly everything I get and everything I can find that I think will be relevant and helpful to you.
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Running this site + hosting all the files myself is not easy. It cost me a lot of money, far more than what my advertising cost can cover. Not to mention I do this without getting paid, so please consider donate to me if you can. All the money donated is used on funding the site, improving the site and also feeding me.
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Other educational blogger, read here

Over the past few years, download links posted on my blog were copied and pasted everywhere on the web, most of them without giving proper credit. They have the content for free where I got to pay the bill, as I mentioned before, running servers are not cheap. Starting with this year, download links are replaced with download page. This is because now there are multiple file servers serving the file. In case one server go down, you still can get the file from another server.
If you are blogger, please, dont share the direct download link, share the download page. The download links are expected to change every one or two months, so linking to the file download will lead you to file not found page. And the download page got some ads, at least I can cover my server cost.
You are welcome to copy the download page links and share it on your blog, I dont really care if you give me credit as long as it does not link to the file directly.

Give constructive feedback

Finally, give constructive feedback. Let me know where can the site improve. I would like to hear them. You can drop your feedback at my facebook page, or email me at

Thats all from me, there are tons of things to do on this site, I will try my best to update it as soon as possible.
While you getting ready by studying and practicing more, I will work extra hard to provide you more tips and materials for the exam.



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    mei shan

    any trial paper for STPM Perakaunan 2013?

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