Giveaway ended, check out the result and see if you win, if you didnt, there WILL be a Giveaway Wave 3, wait for it 😀

As promised, GIVEAWAY WAVE 2 is HERE!
Thanks everyone’s participation on Giveaway Wave 1
And for the Giveaway Wave 1, we have winners!

Giveaway Wave 1 Winners

The two winners are: Sim Bing Xian & 윤리적인!
Both of them won a copy of Humble Indie Bundle 3 each
(I assure you a good amount of money was donated to EFF & Child’s Play charity & small part of the money is to the developers.)

Facebook user 윤리적인 (MoonRiver) if you are reading this, you are one of the winner. Kindly check your email for your prizes. Else I will find someone else to give the copy to.


I promised that I will have Giveaway Wave 2 when the facebook page reach 1200 likes. And it came a little bit earlier than I expected. Haha, so this post was publish a bit late. Anyway, you get the idea, and this giveaway, I will be giving away tons of stuff~ FREE SH!T

Im planning to have more than 10 winners for this giveaway! I havent quite sorted out all of the prizes yet. But here are some of them.

Join and you will have a chance to win one of the items below

3 copies of Panda Global Protection 2011 (all-in-one antivuris) For UP TO 3 PC
1 copy of Panda Security Global Protection 2011 (all-in-one antivirus)
2 copies of The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle (Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Included)
3 copies of Humble Indie Bundle 3 (Humble Indie Bundle 2 Included)
4 copies of Humble Indie Bundle 3
& Maybe more to come

Note: All humble bundle given away had a good amount of money was donated to EFF & Child’s Play charity & small part of the money is to the developers. Not a few cents only.

I really like what Humble Bundle is doing, thats why Im supporting them (the game developers, EFF & Child’s Play & Humble Bundle). You can read more about Humble Bundle on the Wikipedia page, and if you want to be part of Humble Bundle next deal, keep an eye on their website

Those Panda Security Antivirus i got from events i attended, and i cant possible use them all, so why dont give them away!

How to win

Everyone can win. (Included winners from the previous giveaway).
Follow the punchtab widget below, do all the steps to maximize the chance of winning!
This will be a free raffle style giveaway, where you get “tickets” for doing certain action, and winners will be draw randomly at the end of the giveaway.
Each person CAN HAVE more than one entry to the final draw but one can only win one item from the prize list.
Giveaway ends on Oct. 31, 2011, midnight
Winners will be draw and contacted via email. Winners list will also be publish on & the facebook page


Wish you good luck in both the giveaway and the exam.
Like this page & let your friends know! Keep an eye on the facebook page on whats happening on this blog 😀


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