Trial SBP SPM 2011

Trial SBP SPM 2011

UPDATE (10/10/2011):Fixed Add Maths Answer (Paper 1 answer included). Link at the bottom of the post
UPDATE (20/9/2011):Fixed biology paper
UPDATE 2 (23/08/2011): Thanks Ming Sheng Lee for pointing out the pages missing of B.Melayu, and added kejurueraan papers.
UPDATE 1 (23/08/2011): Major subject’s paper added complete. Source from Moz@c

Hello guys, it is the time again where i start to share tons and tons of SPM & STPM Trial questions, notes and tips with you all.
And to start it off this year’s trial papers, here are some SBP Trial Papers 2011.

Mediafire Download Links

Add Maths w/ans (v2 available)
Physics w/ans (v2 available)
Sejarah w/ans (v2 available)
——————-files below updated on 23/08/2011————

Add Maths v2
B.Melayu (a fixed version available below)
Pendidikan Islam
Physics v2
Sejarah v2
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——————-update 2 files below——————–
B.Melayu (fixed)
Teknologi Kejuruteraan
Lukisan Kejuruteraan (RAR File)
——-Update 20/9/2011——–
Biology (fixed)
——–UPDATE 10/10/2011——–
Add Maths Fixed (v3)
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note: v2 means version 2. Im not sure what is changed,but its from different source. v2 is mostly from moz@c’s source
B.Melayu fixed is because Moz@c source have paper 2’s question missing. I’ve fixed it. using other file source.

Release Notes & Site News

I’m still warming up my uploading skills and still equipping my blog with some interesting stuff. There are some functions on the site that might not work (eg the Reward tag you see now…), well, i will work on those later on.
And also, more mirrors soon. Still deciding which file host to upload to, and maybe will pay for service that offer YOU direct download. But all these involves money, which bring me to the next topic.
Im still looking for advertisers. If you are blogger or teacher, want to advertise your product/service, please contact me, i will give you the pricing details according to your need.

Thats all for now, more trial papers soon. Stay tuned.



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  • If I’m not mistaken, most SBP are not allowed to release the question papers since there are some SBP didn’t take the exam yet.

    • Really? But if they didnt get from here they will get from somewhere else. Moz@c shared it too. Dont think will be a big problem, if i heard more complain will just take them down. already kena if im not wrong 3 years ago.

  • Jery

    thank you .. i really appreciate your hard work. for the trial spm add maths 2011, i cant find the answer scheme for paper 1. could you upload it?

  • Belinderjit Kaur

    thank you so much:)

  • Belinderjit Kaur

    thank you so much:)

  • Alex Tan

    NIce job!

  • Toh Kee Leong

    Do you have SBP Add Mat Paper 1 Answers?

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  • Shi Teng Ng

    Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    did you have trialSPM for Kuala Lumpur ?

  • fot the biology paper 2, answere scheme is not there

  • there are missing schemes for paper 1.others ok.paper  1 comes twice.

    • Mzul, thanks for informing, i will check on the papers soon.

  • Darren Kee

    JPS PAPERS?? :((( Please upload …

  • Answer for negeri sembilan physics paper 🙂 thanks


    I simply can’t find the answer for Bio Paper 2, please check it soon enough thankyou 🙂

  • Any STPM Ekonomi from wilayah?

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  • Me Virus


    SBP ryt?

    Add math paper1 no.7, ans wrong edi.

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