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STPM Maths T/S Past Year Questions

Guys, if you havent already know, there is a place where you can get all STPM Maths T/S Past Year Questions 2002-20xx. Please visit this folder My tuition teacher Lee Kian Keong did this documents. Although the documents are still in working progress, not all chapters are complete, but it will be updated soon […]

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Chinese STPM Materials 2

These materials are from my teachers. In case you havent download the part one, please read this post: Chinese STPM Materials I dont know useful or not, contains only some analysis and past year questions, and some tips. (File in RAR Format, open with WinRar) Download Link UPDATE: 23/06/2009: Post re-written and re-post. Mediafire link up. […]

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Chinese STPM Materials

Here are some Chinese STPM Materials from I had packed and posted it up here… Although i know not much who take chinese STPM, but hope this will help. If you got any useful materials to share, please kindly send it to me via mail: Download Link Open using Latest version of WinZip or […]

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Physics STPM Notes and Reading Materials

Here i posted up some physics notes, included list of formulae, list of definition and some useful dictionary. And also most important is the Analysis of STPM Physics Paper 2 from year 1999 to 2007. The past year questions of STPM Physics you can get from here. Download Links Analysis 1999~2007 Detailed Physics Equations Definitions,Principles,Laws […]

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Istilah yang Sering Digunakan di Mahkamah

This note is very useful to all STPM students who taking Pengajian Am. You may want to remember these terms in order to do some particular questions about Kehakiman. Download for this notes are available. ISTILAH YANG SERING DIGUNAKAN DI MAHKAMAH 1. Afidavit – Satu kenyataan bertulis atas nama seorang yang bersumpah dan menandatangani kenyataan […]

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