Physics STPM Notes and Reading Materials

Here i posted up some physics notes, included list of formulae, list of definition and some useful dictionary.
And also most important is the Analysis of STPM Physics Paper 2 from year 1999 to 2007.
The past year questions of STPM Physics you can get from here.

Download Links

Analysis 1999~2007
Detailed Physics Equations
Definitions,Principles,Laws and Formulae
Definitions,Principles,Laws and Formulae 2
Physics Dictionary
Physics Formulae List (Link broken, see below)
Physics Terms
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The Formula List download links are broken, thanks Ryan Seet for informing me.
Here is the download link, fixed.
Physics Formula List
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On the internet, very rare you can get some good STPM materials. I will share out everything i have. So if you have any, please share together with us.
To know more about how to share or submit materials here, please contact me at:


Post re-written and re-post. Rapidshare download links posted. Mediafire links are posted.
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me


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  • keith

    the link for the analysis is down again???

  • cat

    how to download??

    • the site is currently under construction. there might be broken links everywhere.
      It may takes me one~two month to repair all of it!

  • STPM

    where is the link actually?

  • herm…
    my hard disc that become un-useable now.
    i need time to recover files from there.

  • loh

    i nid the sptm physic past year paper pls:( pls put the link asap ty:( or jz send to my e-mail also can

  • c.k

    still unrecovered??where is the link?

  • sorry, i admit the process is slow abit…
    okok i admit the process had been very very slow.
    please give me more time… I just messed up my PC and… just reinstalled my OS…

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  • Ling

    hi….i took 5 subjects for stpm…but how can i get the physics,chemistry and mathematics T notes?

  • KK

    thanks…but why the formulae list is bm?

  • ah di

    I needs complete stpm physics and chemistry notes and exercises

  • kum soon

    can i have the physics stpm notes and exercises for my last minutes study. thank you very much joshua. i really feel tension and anxious. thank you

  • Tan

    where can i download old past year stpm paper with answers like 1999-2004?

    • with answers? unlikely you will get on the internet but you can go buy the book.

  • Kiki

    What a useless websites.We need to pay to get the note !

  • bluepuppies2009

    where can i get analysis for past year question from 1999-2009 for Pengajian Am, Maths T, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology

  • Tongwk

     is it free for download?

    • sure! Why not?! Just click the link on the post.

  • Fifirois

    thanks a lot, love u..

  • May

    can u find bio past year questions for me?

  • Sephiroth

    pardon me but what’s the passowrd for physics formula list file.

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