Physics STPM Past Year Papers Collection

Here i get for you all physics STPM past year questions.
Since it is kind of hard to get those materials on the market
(although it is available in store now, but you dont expect a upper 6 student to go and buy the whole reference book to get to past year rite!)

This is the download link for physics past year 2005-2007 (with answers).

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Post re-written and re-post. Rapidshare download links posted. Mediafire links are posted.
Please kindly inform any dead link by email to me


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  • kikikuku_king

    wherecan i get physic trial paper from other state

    • Dont post multiple comments!
      Dont request.
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    • frankie

      can i hav stpm physics 2009 paper?

      • JrCookies

        I also wanted it, along with answers

    • frankie

      can i hav stpm physics paper 2009?

  • KuKumalu~.~

    can i request kelantan Trial SPM 2008 for all Subject ?

  • stpm

    err…where i can dl? here got no dl link??

  • jay fans

    where de download link???urgent pls help~~“`

  • prabu

    wer on earth is da downlink ……..

  • Sh3nG

    Hi! I can only upload the files from melaka stpm trial papers, but i’m having a problem to upload the rest from other states. Can u pls reply me asap?… Thx!

  • lee

    Hi, can u tell me where to get the past year from 1999 til 2004?

  • liza

    physics trial 2009 plz. with answers.tq.

  • ling

    hi,do u have bio and chem past yrs papers?or can u give me the links?

  • Janet

    where can i get phy past yeat 2009 n its ans…can some1 help me plz…>_^

  • CPH

    Does anyone here have STPM 2009 paper?
    If yes, can you send it to my email?

  • sheirley tee

    If anyone have stpm physic 2008 n 2009,cn send it 2 my mail?…with questions n answers …

  • bluepuppies2009

    If anyone have stpm 2009 paper for Pengajian Am, Maths T, Physic, Chemistry and Biology…can send it to me at

  • bluepuppies2009

    anyone have stpm 2009 paper & answer for Pengajian Am, Maths T, Physic, Chemistry and Biology..can email to me at

  • Zaemxeroli514


  • Jegathees_nagulan

    whr can i get physics notes?….

  • Smily Yin

    do you have physics paper 2 from year 1984 till 2005?

  • Smily Yin

    do you have physics paper 2 from year 1984 till 2005?

    • Sorry i dont have, you should ask your school teacher.

  • hannah

    can i have 2011 stpm phy past year? pls.thks

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