Nota Bimbingan P.Am Kertas 2 2008

I get this paper from forum!
Thanks for the teacher who uploaded it!

I wish some teacher will do the same for 2009 and upload it!




6 responses to “Nota Bimbingan P.Am Kertas 2 2008”

  1. Dennis Tan Avatar
    Dennis Tan

    Mr. Joshuatly.. I really enjoy it.. Thanks alot of your contribution and effort to find these points for us(candidate)..

  2. welcome!
    More to come!

  3. tq so much!!! so kind for u!

  4. hey man, i tried the link, came up blank..
    do u know why?

  5. The link is fine. Try another time!

  6. tanxx it reali helps me alot man…

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