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Trial Kelantan STPM 2010

UPDATE 28/10/10: Posterous Links Added UPDATE 2 (10.10.10): Added Geografi Paper 2 Questions W/Answers. Check download link below. UPDATE (29/09/2010): Mediafire link corrected. Please re-download biology paper. It is the correct link now. Thanks commenter boss pointing this out. You all should be grateful that someone willing to spend their time to scan the papers […]

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Trial Selangor STPM 2010

Trial Selangor STPM 2010 I cant find who send this in. If you do, leave a comment below and i will put your name up here 🙂 Thanks for sharing. If you do have more, do tips me or send it in to Download Link *Duplicate post, please refer the download links on the post […]

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STPM Maths T/S Past Year Questions

Guys, if you havent already know, there is a place where you can get all STPM Maths T/S Past Year Questions 2002-20xx. Please visit this folder My tuition teacher Lee Kian Keong did this documents. Although the documents are still in working progress, not all chapters are complete, but it will be updated soon […]

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Gerak Gempur Perak STPM 2010

Gerak Gempur Perak 2010 is a set of questions specially written for Perak schools for them to practice and get ready for the real SPM/STPM exam. I believe this set of questions havent been uploaded to other blogs yet. So reblogs are welcome. This post contains all STPM papers, for SPM papers, please go to […]

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