Trial Heng Ee Penang STPM 2010

Thanks Yong Eow who compiling this and firdaus rizwan who send in this set of question. Trial Heng Ee Penang STPM 2010

Download link after the break

Dropbox Link
Chemistry [w/ans]
Maths T [w/ans]
Physics [w/ans]
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  • pika

    thanks yong eow (hengee top student) =P

  • Ting

    I register the dropbox account and download the program already. HOw to download ur exam paper? I log in only saw my profile information. but no trial papers zzzzz

    • I bet you didnt read every single word i written right!!? You do not need a dropbox account in order to download my files. You just need to click on the link (just like posterous links, you just get them when you click them.) Anyway, i had to thank you for joining dropbox using my referal link, cos that does help me to get more space, but i think dropbox is a useful tool for you (now or in the future too).
      Thanks for visiting my site and all the best.

      • Ting

        lol~ okay.. i thought you got more paper in ur dropbox that’s why i go register lolzz. thanks

        • Not for this year, i might do that next year which i charge for this service 😀 (and not using dropbox but sugarsync)
          Erm, its still is an idea. need to do some research before implement it. But anyway, i got a year to get it ready.

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  • xuechin

    physics paper2 dun hav ans?

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