Trial Kelantan STPM 2010

UPDATE 28/10/10: Posterous Links Added

UPDATE 2 (10.10.10): Added Geografi Paper 2 Questions W/Answers. Check download link below.
UPDATE (29/09/2010): Mediafire link corrected. Please re-download biology paper. It is the correct link now. Thanks commenter boss pointing this out.

You all should be grateful that someone willing to spend their time to scan the papers and upload it to the internet and share to the public. Here is Trial Kelantan STPM 2010, Percubaan STPM Kelantan 2010.

So if you are a student, you got time, you want to share your papers with us, this is what you can do:
1) Go and ask your school for the soft copy, get the files then send it to me.
2) Got a scanner or cant get the soft copy from school, Scan it and send the files to me (jpg/rar/pdf prefered)

If you are a teacher, IF you got access to the bank soalan, including your school’s trial papers and other state trial papers, please contact me and email me those files.

If those files are too huge to attached into the email, send it in separate email or upload the file to mediafire. Send me the link will do.

OK Back to Kelantan’s Trial.
Only science stream question available, but you can still refer to Pengajian Am and Maths paper 1 if you take those subjects.
Those set of questions some come with answers along with the question. So please check.

Due to the original upload doesnt have a good pdf packaging, i repackage and recompile everything and hope you will like it.

Google Docs (View, Print and Download)
Chemistry Paper 2 Answer
Maths T/S Paper 1
Maths T Paper 2
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Am Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
Physics Paper 2 Answer
Geografi Paper 2 Question w/ans

Chemistry Paper 2 Answer
Maths T/S Paper 1
Maths T Paper 2
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Am Kertas 2 Skema Jawapan
Physics Paper 2 Answer
Geografi Paper 2 Question w/ans

Update 2 file provided by Ong Su Teck via email


P/S: If you scan this document, and want your name in the source, please contact me or leave a comment. Thanks for your hard work.


39 responses to “Trial Kelantan STPM 2010”

  1. bio is linked to PA from johor pls check. tq

    1. Post updated. Thanks a lot for informing

  2. Thanks for sharing, can u please upload the answer scheme for math T (paper 1& 2) too? Thank you..

    1. as i already said, i uploaded everything, no more no less.

  3. Cannot view Bio at Google Doc. File cannot open after download. Pls check. Thanks

    1. Ya im aware that cannot view at google doc. Cannot open after download? I will check on this issue later. use other mirror to download at this moment ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. can u upload Kelantan trial exam paper and skema jawapan for Mikroekonomi and Makroekonomi??

  5. plese give me all question stpm????? i want it..urgent….

  6. trial stpm 2010…

  7. can i have stpm trial paper 2010 from all states?thank you

    1. well, you will get it eventually soon…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hi….
    do u have any trial set for chemistry stpm??
    thank u =)

    1. watch the blog for more updates.

  9. thank you!!!

    look forward for more updates!!

  10. hey, joshuatly. go this link & we’ll share with u!/event.php?eid=158537340832519

  11. tHank you very2 much..

  12. Geografi STPM paper 1 question no.7 and 8 missing….
    when can we get the answer sceme?

    1. Sorry i dont have them ๐Ÿ™

  13. kamaliah Avatar

    my students need soalan pengajian perniagaan

  14. dineshwary Avatar

    hai.. good evening.. i’m requiring for pengajian perniagaan and ekonomi trial stpm 2010 state question.. thanks…

  15. faridah hanim Avatar
    faridah hanim

    can i have answers for bahasa melayu 2 for 2010 stpm trial from all state??

  16. xde goegrafi kertas 1 ke..

  17. asyraf fauzi Avatar
    asyraf fauzi

    kertas geografi 1 xkan xde….
    kepada sesapa yg ada tlg….send kat e-mail saya…

  18. Eni Ahmad Avatar
    Eni Ahmad

    paper mikroekonomi takde ke??really need skema jawapan for both of paper..(mikro+makro)

  19. me too me too….i am from biology class and may i have all trial stpm 2010 question paper too…better is together with answer too..hi hi V(^^)V

  20. sabariah Avatar

    sapa da skema percubaan bm 2 neg. kelantan 2010????
    law sesapa yg ada,,
    plez send p e-mel saya….

  21. how can i open all the protected file which need ten password?

    1. why do you need the password to open the file?
      Use the latest version of Adobe Reader, you should able to view and print the file correctly w/o any difficulties.
      If there is any special purpose you need a password, pay me ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. wat is the password to open the protected file?

  23. ucin stpm victim Avatar
    ucin stpm victim

    napa skema jwpn sejarah 1 excel2 negeri kelantan tak da arr???

    ai yo…mcm mo maju oOO..

  24. PA kelantan no skema jawapan…that 1 is another negeri 1..?

  25. did u hav ans scheme of trial STPM Kelatan Math 1 and Math T 2?

  26. hey thx a lot…your blog has really been helpful…=)
    good to know that there are helpful people like urself out there…alll the best in ur stpm..

    1. Thanks for the words and thanks for reading my blog. Im not sitting for SPM/STPM this year, Im in uni now. So all the best in yours!

  27. sorry the document is password protected and cannot be viewed.
    google docs unable open….

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