STPM 2010 Tips

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Here is a post all about STPM 2010 Tips.
I would like to do a crowdsourcing here. Whenever you found a useful tips, post it in the comment.
I would seriously want some reliable tips, not some tips written by someone not in the game.
And since im not in the game also, im not going to write any tips.
I will have all links to the tips, and i will let you know how well i know the writer and how you can make use of the tips.

First of all, you guys must understand, a TIPS is a TIPS.
Its not the real question of STPM, topic mentioned may or may not be coming out.
You still need to STUDY ALL but a tips help you to put a little bit MORE ATTENTION to certain topic.
So dont 100% rely on tips. You WILL FAIL if you do that!
Im not responsible if you fail by only studying those tips but not all the topics/subjects.
Note that the list will grow when i found more or more of you guys contribute to it.
Just post a comment with the link to the tips page if you found it.

Pengajian Am
Paper 2 Tips (by
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More after the break.

Chemistry Tips

Biology Tips (by

Physics Tips (by

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  2. can i have the stpm tips for subject pengajian perniagaan, computing, n maths s………. ??
    thank you.

  3. henry lee Avatar
    henry lee

    hi sir, any art stream’s subject tips…? thanks

  4. sir…can i have the tips for business ,mikro n makro…?thx…..

  5. ahlageson Avatar

    hi sir……… any tipz 4 stpm chemisry maths t and physics

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