Trial SMK Seafield Subang Jaya STPM 2010

Update (28/9/2010): Maths T Paper 2 (w/ ans) uploaded.

I found this set of Trial STPM 2010 questions on scribd account with username Taksing. He uploaded this: Trial SMK Seafield Subang Jaya STPM 2010 (chemistry set found only)

So enjoy!

Posterous (Direct Download Link)
Chemistry (w/ans)
Maths T Paper 2
Maths T Paper 2 Answer Scheme
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Google Docs (View, Print and Download)
hemistry (w/ans)
Maths T Paper 2
Maths T Paper 2 Answer Scheme

hemistry (w/ans)
Maths T Paper 2
Maths T Paper 2 Answer Scheme

STPM resources are many many times harder to find than SPM resources. If you do have some good one, share with us! email to me at and I’ll upload it!

Maths T Paper 2 Source:



17 responses to “Trial SMK Seafield Subang Jaya STPM 2010”

  1. you posted the paper 1 πŸ™‚
    Btw thanks for all the other paperss +D

    1. Welcome πŸ˜€
      Im really glad you liked it!

  2. Please faster upload the stpm trial exam paper 2010…i want the paper from Kelantan,Johor,Perak,Pahang,Kedah…I want ekonomi paper,pengajian am paper,geografi paper,bahasa melayu paper and oso the skema paper of exam!!!Please faster…because our exam is around the corner!!!Reply me faster!!!

    1. You dont contribute and ask for free information to appear on the net. So good. Go had your sweet dream.

  3. can upload ekononomi, pengajian am, mathematics S??

  4. Thanks a lot for all your uploaded papers. Really appreciate! πŸ™‚

  5. chai tchan wei Avatar
    chai tchan wei

    any physics paper?

  6. elaine tang Avatar
    elaine tang

    where is ekonomi ,pp?

  7. bantulah saya dapatkan kertas percubaan kesusasteraan melayu STPM 2010 dari negeri-negeri lain. susah betul mau jumpa. tq.

    1. joshua do u have fb ? can i add u ?

      1. you can search joshuatly on facebook. but bear in mind that you need to leave attach a message telling me who are you and how you find me in order for me to approve you πŸ˜€

  8. Hai, you dont have any sabah or sarawak and also perlis papers?
    Need it for Biology and Chemistry!!

  9. math paper 1 dun hav ma?

  10. can you send me trial stpm 2009 SMK Seafield, Mathematics S paper 2

    1. nope. i dont have them.

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