Trial Perlis SPM 2012

[box type=”note”]UPDATE 4/11/2012: Added Bio, Chem & Physics[/box]
UPDATE 17/10/2012: Added Add Maths
UPDATE 5/10/2012: Added B.M & P.Akaun papers.

Trial Perlis SPM 2012
Percubaan Perlis SPM 2012

Will update this page when I got them.

Yup, my new download page is live. Please provide feedback at the facebook page.

Download Page

Bahasa Cina
Bahasa Melayu
Prinsip Perakaunan
Add Maths

Lee MS (via email) – b.c



8 responses to “Trial Perlis SPM 2012”

  1. Arthur Tiong Avatar
    Arthur Tiong

    Admin, the Bahasa Melayu for Perlis is Melaka… Can u change it? thanks… 🙂

  2. heidi_95 Avatar

    can you pleasw upload chemistry paper for perlis states, thank you

  3. can you pleasw upload MATHEMATICS paper for perlis states, thank you

  4. please upload perlis biology trial of perlis state

  5. do u have 2012 selangor trial papers? i’ve been looking everywhere but cudn’t find them. hope u can help me. thanks.

  6. Why the cover for the BM paper for perlis is peperiksaan percubaan spm negeri selaras melaka? Please reply me, thanks.

  7. there are still lot’s of 2012 trial paper that has yet to be completed. hopefully the provider will look into this.

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