Trial Perlis SPM 2012

UPDATE 4/11/2012: Added Bio, Chem & Physics

UPDATE 17/10/2012: Added Add Maths
UPDATE 5/10/2012: Added B.M & P.Akaun papers.

Trial Perlis SPM 2012
Percubaan Perlis SPM 2012

Will update this page when I got them.

Yup, my new download page is live. Please provide feedback at the facebook page.

Download Page

Bahasa Cina
Bahasa Melayu
Prinsip Perakaunan
Add Maths

Lee MS (via email) – b.c


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  • Arthur Tiong

    Admin, the Bahasa Melayu for Perlis is Melaka… Can u change it? thanks… 🙂

  • heidi_95

    can you pleasw upload chemistry paper for perlis states, thank you

  • can you pleasw upload MATHEMATICS paper for perlis states, thank you

  • please upload perlis biology trial of perlis state

  • faiz

    do u have 2012 selangor trial papers? i’ve been looking everywhere but cudn’t find them. hope u can help me. thanks.

  • Why the cover for the BM paper for perlis is peperiksaan percubaan spm negeri selaras melaka? Please reply me, thanks.

  • sdfsf

    there are still lot’s of 2012 trial paper that has yet to be completed. hopefully the provider will look into this.

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