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  • Trial Selangor SPM 2010

    UPDATE 28/10/10: Posterous Links Updated ~HOT UPDATE!~ Now Question set had arrived! Grab it NOW! Sorry due to i have no time to further compress and optimize the file, please excuse me cos the file is a little bit big in size. Anyway, thanks for SBX sending the tips in 🙂 And i facing difficulties…

  • Trial Terengganu SPM 2010

    UPDATE 4 (05/11/10): More answer scheme added. Check the links below! Posterous links added! (Some of the files added today are sent in by Raiinbowstar Yee, Thanks a lot) UPDATE 3 (18/10/2010): Updated an alternative set of papers with answers included Wrong papers sorry. UPDATE 2 (27/09/2010): Maths, Add Maths, and Chemistry Answer Scheme uploaded.…

  • Trial Perlis SPM 2012

    UPDATE 4/11/2012: Added Bio, Chem & Physics UPDATE 17/10/2012: Added Add Maths UPDATE 5/10/2012: Added B.M & P.Akaun papers. Trial Perlis SPM 2012 Percubaan Perlis SPM 2012

  • Trial Terengganu SPM 2012 | Percubaan Terengganu SPM 2012

    Trial Terengganu SPM 2012 | Percubaan Terengganu SPM 2012 UPDATE 17/10/2012: Added & updated Add Maths, B.Arab, Biology, Maths, P.Akaun, P.Islam & PSI UPDATE 5/10/2012: Added B.Cina & ICT.

  • Trial MRSM SPM 2010

    UPDATE 02/11/10: Added Biology Paper on posterous and mediafire download link section. UPDATE 21/10/10: Papers from official site repacked and uploaded. Download Trial MRSM SPM 2010 / Muat turun Percubaan MRSM SPM 2010 Do this need more descriptions? Download link after the break.

  • Trial Johor SPM 2010

    UPDATE 28/10/10:Sains Pertanian paper added [UPDATE:2nd (and also is final) set of question had been uploaded. check the linkz] Thanks to my viewer Salahuddin Abdullah, he sent me this Trial Johor SPM 2010 question via email. He did the same last year too! Im so greatful. If you would like to share the trial papers…

  • JUJ SPM 2010

    UPDATE 28/10/10: Updated Posterous Links (I dont know why posterous doesnt want to publish some of the links. i can do nothing. get those who are missing in the mirror links!) Finally JUJ 2010 is here. For those of you who dont know, JUJ is a set of papers set by a group of top…

  • Trial Negeri Sembilan SPM 2010

    UPDATE: Links Posted 😀 Enjoy! *23/10/10 noticed: If you see files downloaded from mediafire is corrupted, let me know. mediafire damn cacat already!!!* Trial Negeri Sembilan SPM 2010 Finally i compiled and uploaded this set of papers. SPM papers are almost complete right! So hope you’ll like it. And by the way, thanks a lot…

  • Trial Kelantan SPM 2010

    UPDATE 22/10/10: Mediafire links added. Trial Kelantan SPM 2010 Sorry, accidentally posted these links in the terengganu post. Thanks for Jing pointed it out at the shoutbox. Download Link after the break

  • Trial Wilayah Persekutuan SPM 2010

    Finally thanks Cikgu Adura uploaded the Trial Wilayah Persekutuan SPM 2010 with answer! Mediafire link added 🙂 Download link after the break.