SPM SONG? Had you ever listen to it before?

Yeah! I discover one genius guy who are sitting for SPM this year, and he wrote a song, by himself… YEAH by himself… and ABOUT? SPM.

So … here it sound :

listen it here, at his genius blog!
KaNa KaNa


Our country’s biggest thing is SPM
Many people thinking it’s a stupid exam
But what we’re gotta do is to cram cram cram
Last minute or not it’s a sickening scam

No time to be playing or singing this song
Cos if you’re doing it it’s so damn wrong
The time to be studying is so damn long
No time to be jamming which is where we belong

No one cares
If you faint or cry or die in pain
And (but) they say
If you don’t do well you’ll die of shame
Do they know
How we feel inside the stress of
Can we go
To some other place where there’s no SPM

Whether you love it or you hate it you’ve got to take the thing
Everyone’s pushing you to win win win
You can’t look at books cos that’s called cheating
And the man with most A1’s is called the king

So it’s called success if you get the pretty A’s
How about love and friends do they have no place?
After secondary school we’re gonna go our separate ways
Can’t we spend more time together maybe just a few days?

Ministry of Education
Why put us through all this pain
This overload of information
At the end what do we gain?

by Samuel Kana Lis 2008

So like it?
Haha, do pay a visit to his blog again!
KaNa KaNa



  • rkir

    Haha…dunno this song..

  • Anand

    try to create a song for STPM students… we r also feeling the same pain as SPM students… ha ha

    • nickel

      hahx, if u realy nid a song to express yr feelings, try creating them yrself, its easy actually, after all, the lyrics r yr expressions of yr feelings….

  • Ryuzaki Lee

    Not badd…
    I like it.

  • crazygirl

    how to download the song?
    i like it!

    • I hate this world

      If u wan giv me ur email, i sent it to u.

  • boxofjuice

    Knowledge is power…

  • Sofia H

    heyy can u send this song 2 me?its lyke damn cool..

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  • FaDEz

    cooool SonG………….U sHoUlD pUbLIsH tis soNG in a ScOOL text BOOK…….expecially in every page of biology tetx book……..hehehehe

  • 38chua

    i wan d song~ skip-2-mylow@hotmail.com thx ^^

  • ocz

    Aiyo, very diao ar this song

  • Qis

    Hey I want this song. (:

  • I hate this world
  • Jo

    LOL, you guys should try listening to this. It’s awesome!


    Just click it.

  • jerry

    hey..ur so gud..can i have da song pliiiz..my e mail is jerryf4t_m@yahoo.com

  • hey!! how come can download my song? aduhai… how did u find the link to it?
    never mind then, have fun listening.

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