Database Restored

So. as you can see, the database had been restored.
And there are some problem appeared after the database had been restored, some character had changed to wierd wierd form… dunno?
Anyway, i will reconstruct all posts. I will rewrite/recompose all post and all download links will be updated…

But i will only do this starting from next month, after my exam. So now you all can start discussing  what you are going to do after your SPM or STPM. (On next post)
And also do come back and share with us your result when you get your SPM/STPM result… Good or bad also nevermind. 

And also tell your junior, brothers, sisters, friends that this site is pretty good. Next year (2009), i will do trial papers and exam tips for PMR, SPM and STPM. And also some stuff useful for form 1 to form 6. So, if you are planning to take form 6, do come back for more info. I will upload some very useful information for you all later. Tell your teachers also! Haha. 

Happy holiday to all!



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  1. ashmiyuu Avatar

    i’m waiting for your next post,i’ll take spm this year..

    1. Im in the process of reconstructing this blog. So stay tuned!

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