SPM Time Table Changes

NOTE: You are reading OLD NEWS! This is news for year 2008’s candidate

There are news in the newspapers, internet saying that the time or date of SPM exam will be changed…
So i had gather them and put it here…
So you all can have a quick look and know whats going on!
All news are taken from the star online.

Sunday September 21, 2008

SPM exam date can’t be changed

JOHOR BARU: The Education Ministry is unable to change the SPM timetable as it could cause delay in the examination results.

Malaysian Examinations Syndicate director Dr Salbiah Ismail said the examination process was complicated and the ministry could not delay the Moral Education 1 by a day to Nov 19.

She said even after students had sat for their examinations, there were several processes to be conducted before the results could be released.

If we change the dates, it may cause a delay in announcing the results and that may affect other areas, she said during a press conference yesterday.

Many parents had written to The Star to complain about the SPM timetable, which they claimed gave students insufficient rest time between papers.

Dr Salbiah said according to their data, there were students who would sit for both Moral Education 1 and Pendidikan Islam.

If the time of the papers are the same, such students will not be able to sit for one of those papers,” she said.

Dr Salbiah said the examination schedule draft had been made as early as two years ago and was given to respective department directors for perusal. She said education departments were instructed to share the schedule with schools and students in the middle of this year.

We received no protests or feedback at that time, she said.

On Nov 18, SPM candidates will sit for Additional Mathematics 1 (8am to 10am), Additional Mathematics 2 (10.30am to 1pm) and Moral Education 1 or Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Education 1 (2pm to 4.30pm.)

Dr Salbiah said the Moral Education 1 and Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Education 1 papers would be held half-an-hour later than stated in the SPM timetable.

A statement from the ministry said it was normal for an SPM candidate to sit for three papers in a day and past experience showed performance of students were not marred by such timetables.

And one more:

SPM date to stay


THE date for the Moral Education 1 paper in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) cannot be changed as the examination dates have been approved and the question papers printed.

Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom explained that holding the paper on another date would also affect the marking of candidates’ answer scripts.

There are a total of 141 question papers for the 110 subjects offered during the SPM, which will be held from Nov 11 to Dec 5.

As a compromise, Alimuddin had suggested instead that the Moral Education 1 and Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Education 1 papers be held half an hour later than what was originally scheduled, to enable students to have more time to rest.

The papers will now be held at 2.30pm instead of 2pm as stated in the SPM timetable.

On Nov 18, SPM candidates will sit for Additional Mathematics 1 from 8am to 10am, Additional Mathematics 2 from 10.30am to 1pm and Moral Education 1 or Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Education 1 from 2pm to 4.30pm.

“We cannot start the examination any later as it has to finish by 5pm, taking into consideration the students from the rural areas of Sabah and Sarawak, as they have to consider their own safety since it gets dark by that time,” he said.

Alimuddin said he had been having meetings with Malaysian Examinations Syndicate officials to see how the matter could be resolved.

He had received many complaints that candidates would be overly stressed as they would have to sit for three papers over seven hours in one day.

He said that the parents who complained were mistaken in their belief that only non-Muslim students were involved as Muslim students would be sitting for the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah Education 1 paper at the same time.

“When the timetable was published and given to students and teachers in June, we did not receive any complaints at all. It has only been happening in the last few weeks,” Alimuddin said.

Parents and students have been writing to The Star to complain about the SPM timetable. They claimed that students would have insufficient rest-time between papers.

Anyway, these are still news, and you will know whats the changes when you get your hard copy of SPM Time table… which is very soon i think.
Lets follow the news and see whats happen next!


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