Sejarah SPM Exercises

After studying on the Sejarah SPM Notes i provided not long ago, I think its fair if you do some exercise especially before the exam. The questions set below are categorized in different chapter, so you can do it according to your progress, and its a bit more focus for SPM 2011, but no harm doing it if you are taking SPM 2012 or later.

Latihan Fokus SPM 2011

This set of questions are by Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah Putrajaya. It included a analysis of the past year questions in each chapter and subtopic, from there you can get a rough idea what topic might come out this year.
This set of questions doesnt come with answers, but the good thing is it has the text book reference page written on each question, so you can easily know you are right or wrong just by flipping to the pages written on the question.
It also has objective and subjective questions too!

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Latihan Fokus SPM 2011
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Modul Intensif Sejarah SPM Edisi Murid 2011

This set is prepared by Guru Cermelang Sejarah JPWPKL 2011.
It come with answers & all questions are in SPM format.

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Modul Intensif Sejarah SPM Edisi Murid 2011




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  1. Can I get the answer for Latihan Fokus SPM 2011?

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