Site News 20.08.2011

Hey guys, Im really sorry for the down time for the past 18 hours or so. This is because i have moved to VPS, but still hosted by the top Malaysian blog hosting service: Serverfreak. It has been a rough migration since some stuff wont work or so, but luckily Sam and Josh help me figured out those problem and solve them for me.

There will be some major changes coming soon to my blog, most of those things will be experimental. Below are some stuff that i planned to do, but still dont know when will be fully implemented.

1. Reward System: YOU! You will be rewarded based by actions you do on this blogs, like visit the blog everyday, share on facebook, like my facebook page, etc. I will write in details when the system is online. I have some great gifts awaiting you all, some awesome indie games!

2. Self Hosted files. Previously i will provide direct download links, this year i will do the same, but i will host those files myself on my own VPS server (located in US). This will be experimental and will see when im able to set it up. Yea, im still learning how to deal with my unmanaged VPS.

3. Newsletter. erm, will setup some sort of newsletter to inform you all with updates, tips and notes that are newly released or coming soon. Please make sure you subscribe by the time the subscribe form is up!

4. Facebook Page. YEA! Official facebook page. Please go like the page, will see what i can do with that page. Hopefully something interesting 😀

5. Donation…. Yea, i need money, running the two VPS and sites running is not easy. Monthly cost is about RM250 – 300. will put up details soon.

6. Facebook SPM STPM Quiz System, play game, attend quiz and gain points, its still in development, will see if can finish the project in time.

More awesome stuff soon.
See ya.



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