STPM Time Table 2011


STPM Time Table 2011 is released. Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan STPM 2011
I’m well aware that the time table might have some problem, and there are a slight chance of MPM changing them. Will let you guys know if there are any changes.

Original Story

Regarding the STPM 2011 timetable that was released recently,most of us students from the Biology stream are really dissatisfied with the arrangement. It’s quite unfair to have both the Biology Paper 2 and Chemistry Paper 2 on the same day. These two papers requires a lot of studying and also writing. It is quite unfair for the Biology students as the Physics students get to concentrate solely on their Chemistry papers instead of concentrating on two major papers at one time. Besides,the papers for Biology students are being held almost continuously. Take for instance,both Biology Paper 2 and Chemistry Paper 2 on the same day, then, the next day,we have Chemistry Paper 1 again. For Biology Paper 1,Maths Paper 1 is being held exactly on the next day. While the Physics students have plenty of time to study for their Chemistry and Maths papers,all the Biology students have to cram everything up. The Physics students have at least 2 days to study for each of their papers. However,all Biology students have to take their major papers consecutively. It is really unfair for the Biology students. I feel that MPM should at least arrange the timetable in such a way that it is more balanced. This lop-sided timetable is really a big disadvantage for all Biology students. We hope that they could please amend this timetable so that it’s fair and square for every candidate.

Anyway, here are the time table available for view & download.

STPM Time Table 2011

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4 responses to “STPM Time Table 2011”

  1. Monna Kiaw Avatar
    Monna Kiaw

    Any avenue for Biology candidates to complain regarding this matter? 

    – Another dissatisfied Biology STPM candidate-

    1. This one i really don’t know. Ask your school teachers see what they can help.

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