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Just some short notes on whats coming up next on!

I already have most of SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh) Trial Paper for this year 2008!
Just give me some time and i will release it soon, probably next week.
By the way, 2007 paper also will be available.

More old but useful notes/questions/trial papers will be available!

And, my Readers Reward Program will be start on 1st of September!
Details coming soon.
Remember, YOU will be rewarded!

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7 responses to “Coming soon on”

  1. saydafatimah Avatar

    u’re doin a spLendid job…
    but,by chance, do you have MRSM trial ’08 papers????
    if do..plz e-mail them 2 me..
    chem, phy, bio and add maths r veryvital 2 me…

  2. ya..i agreed with the comment above…do u hav mrsm trial’08 papers???…its important as well as the sbp trial papers..

  3. hi bro^^ do u have jpwp trial 2008 papers?

    really need help here… coz most of my classmate r having the paper n this is not fair to us(i n my frens)

    thx ya!~ ^^

    1. Hey shar!
      I know that WP got leak question for every year (my friend told me this)
      And i will say dont hope for leak papers loh!
      And why your classmate have it and you dont ask for them?
      Do not mix with them? This is YOUR problem with that. will not share any leak question here.
      Last year is a exception because the papers accidentally reach my email inbox so i share it with they all, I completely dont know that paper is a leak question.
      So, study lah! You may refer to other state’s question cos the scope for it may be more or less the same!

      1. thx for the reply~

        lol actually only 5 of them get the leak question lar..

        they r very selfish n not willing to share wif us..

        anyway, ty so much^^

        1. dont bother then!
          Study! Prove to them you can do without the leak paper!

  4. yumi_chin Avatar

    if u already have the trial paper for bio,chem and physic,please email me.. thanks~!!

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