Tips to download pdf effectively!

Hi guys, here i have a link to you all that you all can download pdf files from my blog more easily! This will not only save your time but also your efford!

This tutorial is only for Firefox user.
If you are not using firefox to browse this blog, you are advised to get your firefox now for maximum security.
And this blog is optimized for Firefox 3!

Download firefox via links below:

Usually when you click on a pdf download link, you will be able to read the pdf via your browser first! Then only you click the “Save” button to save the file!
To avoid this step and save your file directly to your hard disc, you can do this tweak for your browser.

Go to Tools, then choose Options

Click on the application type, you can type adobe in the search bar.
Select save file as shown as the screenshot above!

Then when you click on the download link, whatever pdf files will be downloaded immediately without any prompt to your dekstop (defult location).

Also take not that ALL the pdf files are supposed to open with the latest version of Adobe Reader.
If you are using below adobe reader 7 or below, Please kindly uninstall your current version and update it to the latest version! You can get the latest version of Adobe Reader via links below.

Hope you will happy with what i share here!



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