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Coming soon on edu.joshuatly.com

Just some short notes on whats coming up next on edu.joshuatly.com! I already have most of SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh) Trial Paper for this year 2008! Just give me some time and i will release it soon, probably next week. By the way, 2007 paper also will be available. More old but useful notes/questions/trial papers […]

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Tips and Notes Coming soon

Many of you all keep asking for SPM or STPM Tips and Notes. Here i had to make it clear. For the old notes, article, or tips i posted before will still be available at: http://edu2.joshuatly.com In these time i will take my time to upload the old information again on this server. And there […]

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Hello World!

Site Launched! Hahahahaha, so happy. At last i proudly get my own hosted blog! Powered by wordpress. This is the 1st wordpress blog i had ever done. So i take a very long time to figure out how to do so. With the help of them, finally i made it! I will quote them at […]

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