Hello World!

Site Launched!

Hahahahaha, so happy. At last i proudly get my own hosted blog! Powered by wordpress.
This is the 1st wordpress blog i had ever done. So i take a very long time to figure out how to do so.
With the help of them, finally i made it! I will quote them at the end of this post.

Read more about me and my new blog!

With this my new blog, i will posting up SPM, STPM, MUET or other Malaysia education relevant tips, notes, or questions here. So, for this year, I will host my files by myself or maybe build up site mirror on other free file hosting site. So I hope all of you can have “problem free” download from my site but not “free problem” instead of “free tips”… 😛

Anyway, i still dont know how my hosting will bring to you all… Fast download? Easy download? Till now i still have no idea. I need to wait for your feedback. By the way, im still searching for a reliable site to help me making my mirror download link. Mediafire is not as good as last year but yet i think i cant find a better one by now… maybe i will use box.net. Lets try and see.

I will stop updating on my old site, which is http://edu2.joshuatly.com but all information there will be still available. If you want to find for something in my blogs, try to use the Google Search on my sidebar which named: Search beyond this site! Haha cool rite! Support on that site will also still available but maybe a bit slow lah. And the good news is all content posted on 2008 which relevant will be moved here. But i think till now still nothing much rite!

I will also take some time to RE-Upload those important files or those i think is useful to my own server, and those links will be published again here! But give me some time lah, you know sometimes im so busy and streamyx also sucks… Haha

And for this year, same as years ago, i need YOUR support to keep my site running. I take my time to search for good notes, tips and also exam papers for you all. If you have something useful in hand, SHARE it with us. If you have a scanner, scan it and email or upload it to me. No scanner? Send the hardcopy to me via snail mail and i will help you to publish it! And also… I need you all to spread the words, tell my new blog to your friends. If you own a blog? Write a blog post or do link me in your blog!

More about me, you can read my personal blog at http://www.joshuatly.com. Also a new blog launch at the same time with this blog. And do post comments, or interact with me or readers by posting comment after my post, SHOUT at my shoutbox, email me personally using the contact page…

Do keep visit after every few days, and there might be an excellent post or content that you wont want to miss. Dont want to miss any post? You can subscribe via RSS or mail subscription by FeedBurner which you can do here or enter your email address in the form on the top of my blog~! Do follow my Twitter and you will get my news or blog update instantly via SMS! Cool rite!

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More and more Features that will be available on my blog in order for YOU to get SPM and STPM Tips. Do check it out soon! Want to know more about me personally? Tech savvy? Wanna read craps? News? My Opinion? Do check my blog out: Joshuatly.com v2 out.

Have an idea to improve my blog? Do my blog miss out something? Do help me to improve my blog by giving me idea, submit problems, and submit content to me using the Contact page. I would like to know more about:
how you feel about my blog?
how is the loading? take long or short?
how is my layout and ads placement?

and others comment about my new blog

Without you all, there will be no joshuatly.com! Thanks!



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