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Trial Wilayah Persekutuan SPM 2011

UPDATE 25/10/2011:Added B.Cina Paper from Chong Hwa UPDATE 14/10/2011:Added sejarah paper Trial Wilayah Persekutuan SPM 2011, Trial KL SPM 2011 You can send in any SPM/STPM Trial papers, notes or tips to me if you have any. Email them to Download Links B.Melayu ICT Paper 1 (w/ans) Sejarah B.Cina (S.M.Persendirian Chong Hwa) joshuatly2011

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Trial MRSM SPM 2011

UPDATE (3/11/2011): Wow it is November already. I recommend for those who downloaded the “not clear” version to check out the new updated links. It is compiled from the original MRSM website pdf. So it is much more better for your eye, your printer and everything 馃榾 Download Links Add Maths B.Melayu Biology Chemistry English […]

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Trial Perak SPM 2011

UPDATE 25/10/2011:Added Perdagangan Answer UPDATE 13/10/2011: Added some more papers (that are sitting on my pc for weeks, my apology) UPDATE 10/10/2011: Update B.Melayu papers, added with correction at the last page. use the same link. UPDATE 02/10/2011: Updated with ICT Paper UPDATE 01/10/2011: Updated with more answers. UPDATE 25/9/2011: Added more papers. Thanks Noobomb […]

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Trial Sabah SPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Thanks Ming Sheng for sending in the B.Cina paper (w ans). Check download link below. SPM & STPM Trial Papers WANTED! If you have any of them, please contact me at Download Link Add Maths B.Cina B.Melayu If you have any set of Sabah Excel questions (or any state excel questions) do […]

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Trial Selangor SPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Ming Sheng had sent some papers for me, i scanned it and here are them! Thanks ang aegean sending this in Will update if i get more of them. Download Links Add Maths Biology P.Moral Physics Sejarah Source: ang aegean, Lee Ming Sheng joshuatly2011

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Trial Terengganu SPM 2011

QUICK FIX (9/11/2011): Someone emailed me about the biology paper got problem and pointed out another source’s paper got error when open with latest version of adobe reader. Well, i’ve fixed that and added the link below. Its a quick fix, i didnt check or anything. So… Haha UPDATE (5/10/2011): Added some answers & papers […]

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Trial ICT SPM 2011

Thank to my teacher, i had manage to collect ICT papers of most of the states. So here you go, these are everything i have. All are with answer. Do attempt all of them and hope you do well in this subject. Download Links All In One Pack Johor Kedah Kelantan Melaka Negeri Sembilan Pahang […]

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Gerak Gempur Kelantan SPM 2011

This is a set of questions composed by JPN Kelantan which consist of 5 sets of questions, it serve as a revision questions, and do take your time and attempt them if you want. So far I’ve only got Sejarah only. If I get more, i will upload them here. All sets are together with […]

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Trial Kelantan SPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Added Biology Paper (Thx Ming Sheng) UPDATE 15/10/2011: Added B.Melayu, English & Geografi Papers UPDATE 13&14/10/2011:Added B.Cina paper, Sejarah & ICT Papers UPDATE 05/10/2011:Added chemistry and physics Thanks T Rohaizat T La for sending it to me. Sorry for the delay of publishing the set of papers. Download Links Add Maths Bahasa Cina […]

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Trial Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010

UPDATE 18.10.10: More papers added. Refer source for link to original papers. UPDATE 10.10.10: There is an error in NS STPM Trial 2010 Maths T Paper 2 Wrong answers for P2: Q8 and Q12. Corrected marking scheme attached Here is the papers i got for Negeri Sembilan STPM 2010. Thanks mhua seow for submitting the […]

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