Trial Selangor SPM 2011

UPDATE 4/11/2011: Ming Sheng had sent some papers for me, i scanned it and here are them!

Thanks ang aegean sending this in

Will update if i get more of them.

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Source: ang aegean, Lee Ming Sheng


  • Do you have JPS prinsip akaun with answers? I need to check my answers. Plaese reply asap. Thank You 🙂

  • nurul nisya

    terima kasih bha 😉

  • ang aegean

    thx 2 fanny tan who provide tis paper 4 me scan n share wif u all 🙂

  • hope for p.akaun…

  • Munira Hanis

    math papers?my math teachers ask us to find maths paper for trial 2010-2011

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