Yo! Updates! Announcements!

Hey guys! Recently i found out more and more people start to surf my site for information. I get nearly 1k daily pageload starting from this week.
But i have no clear idea when will your trial exam started, (For SPM, and STPM , as well as PMR too)
So i need you guys to let me know.
You all can notice me via posting a comment on this post.

And when the time come, i wish i can get my readers to share information to us!
Means you can submit what you have regarding SPM and STPM (PMR also can….) in softcopy. I will review it and post it here on the web so that everyone can get benifits from it. Actually i have something to share but due to i dont have a stable internet to upload and blog my things, what i can do just writing something like this =.=
so sad.
Hope my internet crisis will be solved in the near future.

Do remember to join our facebook group. Mentioned at the previous post.

Oh, nearly forget, You guys can submit any materials to be shared here by email to:
And im still thinking of giving rewards to my readers and those who provide good information and materials to this blog!
So do go ahead and submit. Maybe u can get my secret price someday!?!

OK Got to sign off.


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