Join SPM/STPM 2009 Facebook Group!

Hi guys, here i present to you all’s Official Facebook Group!
Its not just about there, its about Information about SPM/STPM.

This Facebook group is for all SPM-ers, STPM-ers, Teachers, or even parents or anyone who is interested!
At SPM/STPM 2009 Facebook Group, you can know more friends or maybe teachers who involved in SPM/STPM, you all can have discussion, chatting, or get to know each others better!

You can share some edu related links by posting it to the wall, or you have some scanned materials, you can post it as a photo too!
I will also post recent updates of there so that you can get notified when any new posts is ready!

Anyway, im still not very good in using Facebook Group, and this project is still consider at starting point, i may terminate this at any time if i discovered unhappy things happened there too fast and i cant control it. But i dont hope that will happened.
I hope there will be a nice place where all SPM/STPM takers can have fun and get info from there. Even if anyone not readers of this blog, you are welcome to join that too.
You can use the “Invite People to Join” function to invite all your friends to join.

We have a target:

1000 Members before the end of the month!
If this target can be reached, i promised something will happened here!

So, go join go join!


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