Trial Negeri Sembilan SPM 2011

UPDATE (05/10/2011): Added B.Cina Papers
UPDATE (25/9/2011): Updated ALL Questions and Answers.

UPDATE (20/9/2011): Added Science Question + Ming Sheng Lee sent me doc version of Moral. So v2 is uploaded. check the link below.
UPDATE (17/9/2011): Added more answers.
UPDATE (13/9/2011): Fixed missing page on Maths paper. Please redownload (the same link) for the fix.
UPDATE (11/9/2011 9PM): Added Physics (Complete) & P.Akaun , Kesusasteraan Melayu’s Answers.
UPDATE (11/9/2011): More papers added.

Thanks Ruainun Yusof who contact me on the facebook page and then later send the papers via email to me. This is part of it since there are still part of it havent been sent.

Will update this post accordingly when receive them.

If you have any trial questions, notes, or excercise to share, please email them to:

Download Link

COMPLETE SET Questions & Answers (Updated 25/09/2011)

Add Maths
Kesusasteraan Melayu
Tasawwur Islam
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Direct Download Link
Maths ~fixed missing place.
P.Moral – check v2 below.
PSV Paper 1
Sejarah (w/ans)
Tasawwur Islam
——–Links below are added on 11/9/2011——–
Add Maths
Chemistry Paper 2&3
Kesusasteraan Melayu
PSV (Complete)
Sains Pertanian
P.Akaun Answers
Physics (all 3 papers)
Kesusasteraan Melayu Answer
———- UPDATE 4 (17/9/2011) ————
B.Melayu Answer
Sains Answer
Perdagangan Answer
———-UPDATE (20/9/2011)———-
Science/Sains Question
P.Moral v2
B.Cina (w/ans)
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Thats all for now.

Ruainun Yusof. Thanks for all your time scanning and compiling the papers for me.
lee ming sheng. Thanks for the doc version of Chinese papers and Moral papers.


p/s: Thanks also to Shima Rashid who attempt to send me the same set of question, but I get it from Ruainun Yusof first 😀


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  1. Do you have Teknologi Binaan and Bahan Binaan SPM trial paper?

  2. John Shek Avatar
    John Shek

    Please note for Maths Paper 2, page 19 is missing 

    1. Fixed. Please redownload the link. (same link)

      1. Nazrul Razali Avatar
        Nazrul Razali

        psv 2011 cannot download …

  3. mc holicc Avatar
    mc holicc

    do you have psi N9 trial 2011?

  4.  Avatar

    need more ekonomi asas paper

  5.  Avatar

    need more ekonomi asas paper

  6.  Avatar

    mcm mn nak dptkan jwpn untuk solan nie???

  7. Patrick Josob Avatar
    Patrick Josob

    chemistry paper 1 pls!!!!!?????????

  8. melissa 6543 Avatar
    melissa 6543

    hey…i m melissa~~i wanna ask whther got bc paper for all state o nt?

  9. Do you have ekonomi asas trial paper ?

  10. answer for paper 1 addmaths question 1-7  is missing.please check it back.thank you.

  11. lukisan kejuruteraan n9 plezz

  12. lukisan kejuruteraan n9 plezz

  13. 윤리 적인 Avatar
    윤리 적인

    LEt’s donate some $ to blog owner..

  14. nafis al-abqary Avatar
    nafis al-abqary

    do u want Engineering Drawing (LK) & Engineering Technology (TK) paper trial SPM 2011?

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  16. Hi everyone! I’m so glad to see these questions .unfortunately, I’m unable to edit these in my WPS WRITER as I don’t have Microsoft Word. Can someone be kind enough to email me the SPM trial questions and answers? I would truly appreciate it.

    1. Open with PDF reader like Google Chrome, or Adobe Reader.

      Joshua Tee Lien Yu

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