Times SPM 2012 | Afterschool.my Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2012

09/09/2012: Updated Multiserver Download Links & Added Answer scheme for Maths

Times SPM 2012 – Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2012

Since 2007, Times (now known as afterschool.my) had been publishing revision questions as long as good quality revision guide for students. So here is the 2012 edition.

The version you can found here is heavily edited, more printer friendly, and cleaner. If you want to download the original version, please download them at afterschool.my’s website. You can find the questions and answers here. While my version combined questions and answers of each subject to one pdf.

If you are looking for previous years collection, they are available below:
Times SPM 2011
Times SPM 2010
Times SPM 2009
Times SPM 2008
Times SPM 2007

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  • TY Mushi

    Why dont you just upload it on medaifire.
    Your server suck

    • the server is down now.
      Mediafire is deleting my files, i have absolutely no control over them. I will implement multiple file servers (maybe will include mediafire) in the near future

    • Lexxie

      It is very rude of you “TY Mushi”. You should have given a suggestion or constructive feedback instead. Mr. Joshuatly is trying his best to help students in Malaysia by giving free downloads from his site. He doesn’t force you to pay and I bet that you didn’t even donate a sen so far. Next time, just ask politely if the link is broken.

  • lingkesh wary

    Hi Sir,,, when i click download..it shown this type of file can harm your computer..is the file contain virus??

    • All the files should be in pdf or rar file format.
      You can check the file name that you are downloading. If it is pdf, or rar format, it will be safe.

      • lingkesh wary

        okay…thaks sir 🙂

  • When the SPM Trials for states, SBP, MRSM 2012 are going to be uploaded?

  • when spm trials 2012 for perak paper will b uploaded??

  • Hi,I cannot download the BM file for the Times Ulangkaji SPM 2012.can it be fixed soon?:)
    Thank u for all the hard work to help us SPM students,really appreciate it!

  • Leelashini

    Its there any short notes for science and ekonomi asas subject.. ?

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