SPM Sejarah Notes | Nota Padat Sejarah SPM

New notes added. Useful to all SPM students.

OK, I had stumbled upon some good sejarah notes, and i figure out it might be useful for some of you, so i shared it here.

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Modul Cakna Sejarah SPM 2011
First set of SPM Sejarah Notes is prepared by PPD Pasir Puteh.
It had been presented in point form followed by elaboration. Its a good read.

Nota Modul Cakna Sejarah SPM 2011
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Nota Padat Sejarah SPM
The second set of material is prepared by JPN Kelantan on 2009, its also in point form which is easy to read and understand, and it cover all the chapters from Form 4 – Form 5.

Nota Padat Sejarah Tingkatan 4
Nota Padat Sejarah Tingkatan 5
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Nota Modul Target SPM Sejarah
One reader of the blog sent me this via email, it is quite ueseful, with questions along with answers in point form.

Modul Target SPM Sejarah


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